Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats

Cheap cat trees for large cats, because big kitties need cat trees too.

If you are the proud minion of a large, chonk of a feline, finding cheap cat trees for large cats can be a real pain in the butt. You can quote me on that if you want to.

They have to be sturdy enough to hold their weight when they go romping all across it, big enough for them to snuggle up on (or inside of if there is a cat condo attached), and tall enough for them to feel like they have a nice and safe vantage point.

If You Are In A Hurry, Here Are Our Two Favorites:

A double condo cat tree with plush carpet.
A solid wood, cheap and affordable cat tree for large cats that is made in the USA.

It can be mind numbing trying to find a cat tree that isn’t obscenely expensive but still looks and feels like it’s quality and won’t tip over when your cat decides leap to the tippy top, or even just saunter up it and flop down.

Having a strong base that’s wide enough, and pillars made from sturdy material is a must. So, lets get into number one on our list today!

Cheap Solid Wood Carpeted Cat Tree

A cheap solid wood carpeted cat tree from New Cat Condos, made in the USA.

This is a stepped cat tree from New Cat Condos, one of the finest cat tree makers I’ve actually seen. As you saw above, it’s one of our most recommended cat trees if you have a large cat and are looking for something a little more affordable.

New Cat Condos cat trees are all made from solid wood, and this one is no exception. They do this to ensure the strength and durability of the cat tree over time.

They also ship already assembled, so you don’t have to do anything other than unbox your cat tree and pick out the best spot for it.

It’s a great size as well, it’s not gigantic, but it’s still big enough for your kitty to really enjoy it. It’s 32.5″ tall, and it’s base is 20″ x 20″. You can see all the measurements, including the perch heights in the diagram seen here!

Along with using solid wood, they also only use household grade carpet, helping to ensure kitty safety and longevity of the carpet itself. The sisal wrapped around the posts is thick, natural and unoiled. So you don’t have to worry about any toxic chemicals like you might with some other sisal.

Would you believe how hard it was for me to find quality, safe sisal to make my own cat tree with? It was a nightmare, but that’s a story for another day.

The main point is they use all cat safe, quality materials that you’d expect when purchasing something for yourself. People grade stuff. And it’s all made in the U.S.A.

Sturdy Affordable Cat Tree With Two Condos

A sturdy cat tree from Feandrea, it's a sturdy affordable cat tree with two condos.

This super affordable cat tree from Feandrea is next on the list, it’s strong and it’s condos and top platform are the perfect size for larger cats. When I was on the lookout for inexpensive cat trees, this came up and I have to say I was impressed.

It’s made from top grade particle board, designed with stability and strength in mind while still trying to keep prices reasonable for the everyday cat parent.

A lot of cheap cat trees for large cats aren’t actually… That large. This is a problem I’ve noticed, even if the cat tree can handle the increased weight of a larger kitty, like a Maine Coon, it’s platforms aren’t actually big enough for them to really lounge on. This isn’t the case with this cat tree, thankfully.

It’s 33.1″ tall, making it a decent size without being so large that it’ll take up all your floor space. It’s base is 23.6″ x 15.7″. This isn’t going to go teetering easily.

This beige cat tree for large cats is a lovely plush carpeted cat tree, the neutral colors make it go easily with most decor.

It has two kitty condos for your cat to snuggle up in and hide away from the world when it all gets a bit much, or the dog just wants to lick their face and they are completely over that.

Having a place for your cat to retreat from the world while still being included in the family space is so very important and condos can be a great way to achieve that.

It’s two supporting posts are wrapped with natural sisal in the middle, giving your chonky kitty a good scratching as well!

Cheap Elevated Cat Hammock For Large Cats

A cheap elevated cat hammock for large cats, it's comfy and big enough for them to really enjoy it.

Okay, now we get into the Amazon Basics cat trees, which I was admittedly a little hesitant about at first. Maybe it’s just me, but usually in-house brands tend to be kind of “eh” in my experience.

This cat tree furniture has a great hammock and scratching posts.

But they really pulled through with this and their other cat trees! This elevated cat hammock is sizable, stable and has held up to the testing of many kitty claws. And they are some of the most affordable cat trees I’ve seen around.

It’s a bit on the short side, coming in at only 19.9″ tall, but that doesn’t make it any less useful at the end of the day.

It’s base is 15.8″ x 15.8″. You know it won’t topple when your kitty hops on into their delightful new hammock. It’s plush and soft, making it a great place to snuggle up.

One review I saw floating around noted that they had two average sized kitties who where happily able to snuggle side by side in the hammock, so it’ll be plenty big for any larger kitties as well.

The scratching posts act as the supports for the hammock, and they are wrapped in natural jute fiber rope, giving your cat a great place to scratch instead of your couch.

Two-Tiered Gray Cat Tree For Large Cats

A two-tiered gray cat tree for large cats.

This is another Amazon Basics cat tree that surprised me. It’s got a cat condo and two tiers for your cat to climb all around on and snuggle inside of.

They did it again with this taller, yet still sturdy cat shelf. They’ve rated it for cats up to 50 lbs, even. It’s covered in lovely plush carpet for your cat to snuggle right up onto.

It’s 30.3″ tall, so while not the tallest on this list, it is a decent bit taller than the previous Amazon Basics cat tree we talked about. So if you are wanting a little more height, this one delivers on that. It’s base is 23.6″ x 18.5″.

Grey plush carpeted cat tree with natural jute rope scratching posts.

This cat tree’s support pillars are bound in natural jute fibers, making some built in scratching posts for your kitty.

We all know how important it is for a cat to scratch, it’s a basic health requirement and something you sign on for when you get a cat!

But, with that known, we still don’t want them going after the couch, ideally. So, providing something like this is an excellent outlet for that need.

With it’s built in cat condo, it also gives them a safe little hideaway when the world is a bit much or they just want a private place to nap. And it is very inexpensive for what you are getting, which is why I like this a lot as far as cheap cat trees for large cats go.

Affordable Multi-platform Cat Tree For Large Cats

Tall cat tree for large cats, this affordable cat tree is tall and has multiple platforms for them to hop around on.

Lastly is the tallest cat tree I’ll be talking about today!  Also from Amazon Basics, it’s got multiple platforms for your kitty to hop around on and have a good time with.

It also has a built in cat condo for your feline friend to curl up in, or hide inside and spy on the world through the opening.

Cat tree with built in cat toys.

There are three spots for little cat toys (which come with the cat tree itself) to be hung or stuck onto.  If your cat destroys the toys it comes with, they do sell replacements as well!

It’s 49.6″ tall, with a 19.3″ x 19.3″ base, again, making it the tallest we’ve talked about here.  So, if you have a high-rise loving daredevil kitty, this might be more your speed.

A few customers did note that the very top platform could be a little woobly, but no one felt that it was so woobly as to be dangerous or unsuitable for their cats, and the cats themselves didn’t seem to mind either.  But, definitely something to think about if your cat is a little more wary of wiggly things.

That said, I can see how you could use this cat tree in with other stuff to really catify your space. Like these cheap cat wall shelves, you could make a little cat wall and use this, or another cat tree, to help them get up nice and high.

The support pillars themselves are covered in natural jute rope, turning the supports into scratching posts. Double duty is always good with cat trees.

I hope these cat trees where helpful to you if you have been on the lookout for cheap cat trees for large cats. I know how hard it can be to find a quality cat tree for a chonkier feline at a decent price, but I think each of these options has their unique advantages, and I hope you see them like I do!

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