Woven Banana Leaf Cat Pod Tower

Woven Banana Leaf Cat Pod Tower - A banana leaf cat basket on stilts! This wicker cat pod bed makes for one super cool cat tree without carpet.
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This super chic woven banana leaf cat pod tower is the most unique cat tree we’ve seen in ages. Chic is not a word you often hear in relation to cat furniture but in this case it’s spot on.

The kitty sphere is out of durable yet stylish woven banana leaves and perched atop a tripod so it rests at just the right height for kitties resting within to peer out the window.

Is this a pet pod, tower or scratcher?
It’s all of them rolled into one!

Below the kitty pod you’ll find a dangle toy, scratching post and carpet covered resting platform to round out the fun your fur babies will have with this tower.

And though you can’t see it in the image above (you’ll have to click thru to see all the great pictures of this product) there is an opening in the top of the sphere for kitty to poke his head up thru to “spy” on you.

If style and function is important to you, this is cat tower really fits the bill. It will add to, not detract from, your home decor. Its compact design also makes it great for folks looking for cat furniture to fit into smaller spaces.

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I have to admit, I chose this to show you because of its stunning looks. You have to agree, this item will be a conversation starter when you have company, right? My family and friends would sure notice it.

But once I did a bit of research on this woven banana leaf cat pod tower I knew it was so much more than just pretty. It’s a sturdy, functional cat tree and bed your kitties will enjoy for years to come.

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