Whimsical Carpeted Tree Themed Cat Tree

This is a delightful whimsical carpeted tree themed cat tree that feels like a piece of luxury, designer cat furniture without the high price.  It’s not tiny, but it’s not really large either.

This cat tree is a nice middle ground and can easily fit into most homes! Even if you are in a studio apartment. 

It’s 32” tall, with a cozy bed at the very top for your cat to snuggle up in.  The base is 20” x 20”, so it’s nice and sturdy.  

Because of its size, it’s super easy to fit this cat tree wherever you need it.

It can sit happily under a window and give your kitty an easy way up. It can just as easily fit into a corner, or besides a couch.  

Even when limited on space, this whimsical cat tree can usually fit in where you have room.

It’s covered in household grade carpet which is designed to look like the bark of a tree.

I know some cats who really like this. It gives them something with a bit of extra texture to rub on, claw and snuggle up against.

Which, as we all know, scratching is super important to cats! And we want to encourage them not to use the couch.  So, anything that can help with that is really welcome, even if it is just some cool textured carpet.

Another big bonus of this whimsical carpeted tree themed cat tree is it ships in one piece.  It arrives to your house fully assembled, so all you have to do is unbox it. Well, unbox it and move it where it’s going to stay. 

You can easily see how well this cat tree can fit into a home.

No tools needed, no hassle, no figuring out where hole A-3 is.  

And it’s handcrafted from solid wood right here in the U.S.A.  So, you’re paying for a product that is affordable, helps american workers and is the least amount of work on you.

All while being made with quality, strong materials.

Because it’s made with solid wood, this is a cat tree that can easily handle 15, 20, even 25 pound cats with ease.

So, if you have a big cat like a ragdoll or maine coon (or you have big mix breed!) this is a cat tree I’d highly recommend.

And, if you have an older cat, or a cat with some mobility issues, this New Cat Condos cat tree is actually a great choice.

The spacing of the steps up to the top make for an easy climb.  So it isn’t as hard on sore joints as a lot of other trees tend to be.

And it comes in two colors, the first one being this really nice, neutral brown that will blend into most any home.  The other is a green, which really lends more to the “tree” theme happening here.

If you like the sound of a New Cat Condos cat tree but this one doesn’t quite fit your needs, click here to learn about their other options!

So, that’s this delightful whimsical carpeted cat tree.  It’s made with household grade carpet and solid wood, with a lot of extra texture in how they apply the carpet.  This really gives cats something to enjoy.

It’s super friendly towards both large and older cats, making it suitable for all ages and sizes.  Speaking of size, the size of the cat tree itself makes it perfect for most homes, even small ones.

I hope this helped you in your quest to find the perfect cat tree for you and your fur baby!  Have a good day and give them some love for me!

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