Two-Tiered Gray Cat Tree For Large Cats

A two-tiered gray cat tree for large cats can be an excellent solution to your need for an affordable cat tree for your big cat.

This two-tiered gray cat tree for large cats is a great budget friendly option when you are out there looking for something a little more affordable that’ll stand up to the testing your chonky kitty will throw at it.

It can be tough to find a cat tree that can handle a Maine Coon sized cat, or honestly, anything that won’t tip over when you have a cat larger than your average 7-10 lbs kitties. But this cat tree is rated to hold up to 50 lbs, so it’s designed to handle anything your kitty has to throw at it.

This cheap two-tiered cat tree for large cats is a great example of a good find for a good price.

It’s a decent size too! It’s 31″ tall, so it’s not giant but it’s tall enough that your cat can really enjoy some time lounging on the top and feel high and away from things.

And it’s base is 24″ x 20″ , so you know this will be nice and stable.

Plus, that way it’s not to high to climb if you have an older kitty who needs a little extra babying.

That was one thing people were noting and liking about this two-tiered gray cat tree for large cats, it’s tiers are spaced well enough for most senior cats to happily be able to climb to the top.

It also has a cat condo attached to it at the ground level, so it’s easy to step into and curl up in.

This two tiered cat tree has built in scratching posts for dual functionality.

Cats really like hiding away from things sometimes or napping in secluded places, so a cat condo on a cat tree can really help bring them into your main living space even when they are needing a some “me time”.

Plush gray carpet covers the entire cat tree, giving a cozy place for your kitty to snuggle and a nice neutral color that will blend in with most any decor. Natural jute fiber robe covers four of it’s posts, making for some built in scratching posts.

This cat tree is a wonderful inexpensive option if you are wanting to catify your space without spending a fortune. But, if this one doesn’t really float your boat, there are other great cheap cat tree options available!

I hope this helped you on your search for finding a cat tree for your big kitty, because I know what a pain it can be to find something that you feel happy and safe getting for your home and your cat.

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