The Best Cat Wall Shelves Of 2024 And Why You Need Them!

It can be hard to figure out which are the best cat wall shelves, but they are so important to your cats health!

Are you ready to add some extra height to your feline friend’s lives? This Best Cat Wall Shelves overview the answer to your prayers.

If your cats are anything like mine, they love to climb and explore. It is literally a natural instinct for them. So you are always on the lookout for new ways to keep them happy and out of trouble!

You don’t need us to tell you that providing enough exercise and safe spaces for your adult cat or kitten is critical to their health, and your sanity. A wall-mounted cat shelf system can really help your kitty hone his or her hunting instincts in a safe way. 

And when we say safe, we mean safe for both your cats and your stuff!

The Best Cat Wall Shelf Brands & Why I Like Them

Cat wall shelves are a great way to get your feline overlord up high where he can reign supreme.  The best cat wall shelves make efficient use of space and decor!

I want to introduce you to three of my favorite brands. 

They all have an array of cat furniture, but in particular, they have some really special wall furniture that I think set them apart. They are all high quality, and there is a price point for everyone in here.


CatastrophiCreations make some of the best cat wall shelves around.  You can make a whole cat room or just a small playspace for your kitty with ease.

I figure I’ll start off with what we think of as our “budget option”.  Considering how affordable it is, it’s also insanely versatile! In fact, CatastrophiCreations make some of the best wall-mounted shelves I’ve ever seen.

One thing I particularly appreciate about this brand is that they offer a lot of customization options. For example, there are so many ways you can configure the shelves, posts, and hammocks.

They have everything from complete cat wall kits (so that you can do up your whole wall) to single pieces so that you can test things out and have one nice addition to your kitty setup.

This is a smaller cat wall shelf, it makes a sort of wall cat hammock for your kitties to sleep in.
A good sized, double decker cat wall shelf for your cats to lounge and play on.  It's not going to take up the whole wall, but it's more than just a hammock!
A full sized cat shelf kit, it's great because it gives your cat a whole lot of romping space.

As you can see they use fabric runways to create spaces for your cats to walk, sleep and jump. You can buy single, smaller pieces, like the comfortable hammock you can see above! Or these floating sisal posts that you can make little stairs out of when you attach them to your wall studs.

You may actually remember that we’ve talked about the smaller cat hammock before! Heck, with these you can even make a whole “Cat Hammock – WALL” if you want to.

Combining your cat wall shelves into your decor can be pretty fun too, and make for great statement pieces in just about any home.

They have slightly bigger cat wall shelves that feel a bit more like a romping ground. This double-decker hammock they have gives a lot more space for your cat to stretch out on or climb about. Plus it’s easy to combine with any of their other products to turn it into something more.

For instance, you could create sisal post stairs or one of the taller wall-mounted scratching posts down to the smaller hammock featured above (or up to it, if you wanted even more height). You could even connect it up to one of their kits if you really wanted to.

For example, this video from Jill sent to CatastrophiCreations of the glorious cat wall she made. (And yes, they have cat bridges!)

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do with these pieces to make a crazy cat room.  And you don’t need a massively high ceiling room to do it either, as fun as that is to think about!

The CatastrophiCreations kits are great too! They can be a wonderful leaping-off point if you know you are wanting to make a serious investment and jump into making a nice space for your cats. And it’s nice to know that when you get a kit there won’t be any additional costs involved.

My favorite is this garden set, which features spots to put planters to encourage more of your cat’s natural behavior.

A full sized cat shelf kit, it's great because it gives your cat a whole lot of romping space.
A cat shelf with garden planters isn't something I'd have thought of, but it sure works well at the end of the day.  That's one reason I think this is one of the best cat wall shelves.
Nontoxic plants and edible plants for cats, like catnip and cat grass are great to place in your garden cat shelf kit.

Adding plants to the wall perches really adds to your home’s decor.  It also means you can put your cat grass up high. This keeps it away from your other pets and forces your fur baby to really work for their treat.

This collection of cat wall shelves & perches is wonderful for the creatively inclined too! Since you can so easily mix and match all of their cat shelves, getting just as much as you need, CatastrophiCreations really make some remarkably affordable cat wall shelves.  We’re sure they have what you need to make something that works perfectly for your family.

The Refined Feline

A few elegant pieces can really make all the difference when it comes to your cats health and finding the best cat wall shelves!

Noted for their curved cat shelves, and cat tower, the Refined Feline folks have some of the most classically elegant pieces of cat furniture on the market. They are really beautiful and have a polish to them that I haven’t seen many other brands manage to capture.

Their products sport an elegant modern design that wouldn’t look out of place in any decor from mid-century modern to a traditional or classic style home or apartment.  Most folks who purchase one tell us they think of them as another piece of furniture in their home.

The two wall-mounted shelves we’re going to be talking about are called… the Lotus Branch and the Lotus Leaf respectively. Both have a lovely slight curve incorporated into their design.  The branch is long with a gentle curve to it. The leaf is a small, curved bowl or hammock shape that cats tend to really love lounging in.

I know I’ve talked about the smaller “Lotus Leaf” wall-mounted cat shelf once before but it was something I felt needed to be included here!

Sometimes the best cat shelves are elegant, curved and with replaceable carpet.  The refined feline lotus branch cat shelf has all of those things.  Okay, that's it for my cheesy commentary.
The Refined Feline really do make some of the best cat wall shelves out there, they are sturdy hard wood and ply.

Refined Feline products feature very sturdy construction. Made with a combination of solid wood and bent plywood design for strength as well as beauty. They feature a beautiful satin finish.

Both shelves provide ample perch space. We want them to be able to indulge their predatory instincts and leap around without fear.

The Refined Feline cat shelves have easily replaceable and cleanable berber carpet attached.

Something else I love about these shelves is how easy to clean they are. They have Berber carpet installed over the wood. But it’s easily removable for washing or replacement if your cat shreds it over time.

They even have replacement parts, such as the carpet pads, readily available for all their cat furniture products. So you never have to worry about trying to rig something down the road or having to get all new cat wall furniture when it, inevitably, gets a bit worn.

If you’re wanting an entire suite of matching cat furniture, they also have a cat tree/tower that matches these shelves. It’s also made of stained wood, with the tiers having the Berber carpet for ease of cleaning as well.

I feel like it’s worth mentioning the different color options these come in as well.  They really do have a lovely variety. Ranging from black to mahogany (my personal favorite), a smokey grey, and a white.

The white is a bit special since it features a different “carpet” from the line’s other colors. It’s a cloud-like faux fur, and it’s pretty spectacular.

Tuft + Paw

High end cat shelves for a modern feel for your home.  Tuft + Paw make some of the sleekest cat wall shelves.

Next up is some really ultra-modern cat furniture. Tuft + Paw has its own look and style for the products they make. That’s one of the things I love about them.

They have a mid-century modern feel to just about everything they do. This makes them an awesome option for those looking for a more unique take on what cat furniture should look like.

Their cat trees and wall-mounted shelves are built to last, feature hidden wall anchors, and are easy to maintain. Safe design is paramount at Tuft and Paw.

If you like clean lines and a smooth aesthetic, these guys might be something to look into.

Sleek and modern cat wall shelves are something I know most people are always one the lookout for, which is why Tuft + Paw is has some of the best cat wall shelves.
A cubby cat wall shelf that will make an excellent hidey hole for your kitties.

The durable construction of the frames of all their products are made of solid wood, usually, maple or walnut, with the exception of their box design called the Mensola (seen above). Which is made out of birch plywood.  

The cushions on their wall perches are made from a cotton blend (or the faux fur in their little cubby shelf) and are easily removable for cleaning.

A floating cat wall shelf to help achieve that really cool, modern look to go with your home decor.  It's got clean lines and a lovely curved shape for your cats comfort.

An excellent example of their sleekly designed cat perches is the Gato Pertica. It’s actually got a lovely curved design to cradle your cat and help them feel cozy. It has a “hidden” bracket system this cat shelf has a floating appearance.

The comfortable cushion comes in pyrite grey and white, on both the smaller cat shelf seen here and on its longer, curvier sibling, Freddo. And yes, that is actually what they are calling their cat wall shelf. I’d like to know the story behind how that got its name.

And, much like the Refined Feline, they have multiple color options as well as a lot of other cat furniture for you to choose from. Such as cat trees (this for example), that match the style of their perches. You can make a great big romping cat room that all goes together, should you decide that is the route you want to go!

Final Thoughts On Cat Wall Shelves

Whether you just want to keep your cats active so they’ll be happier and healthier, are working to reduce conflict between cats, or you are just working to add to your current setup, adding some vertical cat space to your home may be the answer.

Hopefully, I’ve successfully explained and highlighted why I think these are the best cat wall shelves on the market right now and how they get the job done for you and your cats!


Why Are Cat Shelves Important?

There are a lot of reasons people get cat shelves. But the main overarching thing that is usually behind all of them is … Your cat’s health and happiness.

Something I feel like it’s easy to forget is how important vertical space is. I would actually label it as one of the top 3 things to consider when you are looking to get a cat. Because it’s such a base instinct for your kitty to get up high.

The thing is, while cats are predators, they are also small prey animals and have the instincts to match. They like to get up high to survey their surroundings, from a place where can’t be ambushed. Safe and sound.

This can also help reduce kitty conflict in the home. Since finding the best cat shelves can give them a place to get away from each other and help reduce any fighting or standoffs.

Cat’s can be pretty paranoid creatures, and just like everyone else, they want to feel safe. That’s why providing them with hiding places and spots where they can be high enough to see everything going on can be so critical to their happiness and willingness to come out and spend time with you.

Since they really do enjoy being up high it’s also a wonderful source of passive exercise as well. So, if you’ve adopted an older or overweight cat, finding good cat shelves can really encourage them to start moving more.

Do cats like wall shelves?

Of course, they do! Cats love to play on top of things, especially when they are bored. If you have a cat, then you know how much fun it is to watch them climb up on the shelf. They also love to jump off the shelf onto the floor as well as nap up high.

Are cat wall shelves safe?

If you put cat wall shelves properly and according to the manufacturer’s directions, they are safe. Most shelves propose fastening them into a wall stud with the provided fasteners (or other solid mounting hardware).

Always test your cat shelves for sturdiness before allowing your cat to use them. Do not place shelves into crumbling plaster or damaged walls. For safety reasons, you should avoid utilizing cat shelves if your cat has mobility or vision problems.

How far apart should cat wall shelves be?

Cat wall shelves should be at least 18 inches apart horizontally and 17 inches apart vertically. These dimensions should allow your cat to easily jump onto the shelves without too much trouble or strain. Smaller or older cats may need shelves spaced closer together. So err on the side of too close if you are unsure. 

What size should cat wall shelves be?

Cat shelves should be wide enough so that your cat can safely sit on them and rest comfortably. A good size for many cats is 12 inches by 18 inches, but larger cats may require larger dimensions.

I Hope I Helped You Find Your Best Cat Wall Shelves, If You Found This Helpful, Please Share With Your Friends!

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