Best Tension Pole Cat Tree of 2024

Great floor to ceiling tension pole cat tree with a small footprint.  Modern look with a slimline narrow base.
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Finally a tension pole cat tree with LOTS of space for kitty to play that doesn’t suck up your whole room!

Don’t you hate it when you have to choose between fun furniture for your cat or for you? This beauty insures you never have to make that call no matter the size of your home.

This is a lovely LARGE floor to ceiling tension pole cat tree with a small footprint.

It has a very sleek modern look with a slimline narrow base. Three completely sisal wrapped poles support the structure insuring lots of scratching and climbing fun for your feline friends.

THREE Condos! THREE Bed Baskets! Your Choice of TWO Different Colors!

And with THREE condos and THREE bed baskets along with many platforms it gives your cats lots of places to hide, snooze, play and survey their kingdom from on high.

Tension Pole Cat Tree - With super wide posts and superior soft fabric.  Comes in 2 color choices & Prime Free Shipping. Great Value!

This cat tower will be perfect if you have multiple cats living with you in a small space.

Here’s why… even though it is a huge kitty playground all the play spaces go UP instead of out. That means more floor space for you and YOUR stuff.

Want to see more before you decide? We understand. Check out our post on the best floor to ceiling cat trees right here!

The absolute screaming value of this tower is why we decided we just had to share it with you.

When we saw the price of this tension pole cat tree, honestly we were shocked. It is so affordable and you get all that space for kitty to play shipped right to your door. BONUS… with Amazon Prime, that shipping is FREE!

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