Tall Cute No Carpet Cat Tree Review

This tall cute no carpet cat tree is easy to clean, large cat friendly, great for multi-cat homes and super cute and stylish.

This tall cute no carpet cat tree is one of our most recommended.  It’s from Lazy Buddy and it’s a great pick, sturdy, stylish, easy to clean and tall with plenty of scratching opportunities to help keep your cats away from the couch.

It’s great for a single or multi-cat home as it has five separate platforms for your kitties to lounge on, and that’s not including the inside of the cat condo that they can snuggle in.

Having a cat tree like this can help reduce some cat conflict, since you are giving your cats a way to get away from each other when they need to.  We all need to get away from our siblings from time to time.

Each platform sports a soft, plush mat or bed as well, so your cat won’t be trying to get comfy on hard wood.

They still have cozy spots to sleep, just like a traditional cat tree would have. But, unlike a traditional carpeted cat tree, this one is super easy to clean.

The mats are attached via velcro, meaning you can take them off and throw them in the wash while you dust or wipe down the rest of your tree with just a damp cloth.  This makes this tall cute no carpet cat tree much less of a chore to clean in the long run.

And remember how I said this cat tree was tall?  Well, it’s 67” tall at its highest point, so it’s pretty dang tall.  So, if you have a cat who really loves heights and can’t wait to try and get on top of your fridge, they’ll probably like this.

This cat tree has many durable sisal scratching posts.

It has a plethora of scratching posts to choose from, and they are all easily accessible at various points and levels on the cat tree.

This cat tree is great for cats with a real need to sink their claws into something.

It’s very sturdy and friendly towards larger cats as well, which I know is a big problem people encounter when trying to buy some cat furniture.  It’s almost like it’s made for kittens instead of cats.

If you are on the lookout for really great cat scratching trees, we’ve compiled a list of the best over here, with this one featured as one of the best. 

This tree is made from CARB-certified particle board and is very easy to assemble with the minor gripe that the little rubber “feet” that help keep it stable don’t have predrilled holes.  But I haven’t found that to personally be a showstopper, just something to be mindful of.

I hope this was helpful on your journey to finding the right cat tree.  This tall cute no carpet cat tree has a lot of perks to it, from the ease of cleaning, accessibility of the scratching posts and overall height.  So, go give it a look. And please give your kitties some love for me!

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