Tall Carpeted Cat Tree For Large Cats

Tall Carpeted Cat Tree For Large Cats
Ships Fully Assembled At No Additional Cost!
How is this so inexpensive?
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This is the most interesting and highest quality tall carpeted cat tree for large cats that we have found in a long time.

To stay healthy your cats need to play and this will let them do exactly that in total safety no matter how big they are.

This tower is 71 inches tall and completely covered in super soft, household grade carpet and unoiled sisal. Even the inside of the condo cubbies are completely (and carefully) covered in carpet. It looks great from any angle, even from underneath!

Arrives In One Piece!
Absolutely No Assembly Needed!

The multiple levels, platforms, cat beds and condos on this tower means that even in multi cat homes there’s plenty of room for everyone to have “their spot” and play happily together.

Do you suck putting things like this together? Then this is the cat tree for you. Every single piece of pet furniture built by “New Cat Conds” arrives at your door ready to use right out of the box!

We do not know how they do this at such low price point. And at the time of this writing, shipping on this unit is FREE!

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Or if you prefer your cat trees without carpet please take a look at this elegant tall cat tower for large cats. It’s all wood with removable carpet pads for your kitties comfort.

The insane quality and care of construction is what ultimately speaks to us about this unit. We feel completely confident in recommending this tall carpeted cat tree for large cats to you. Your kitties will be able to romp (or lounge) on this in total safety.

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