Spaceship Gamma Cat Shelf

The Spaceship Gamma cat shelf is a themed luxury cat shelf from MyZoo that meshes form and function together.

The Spaceship Gamma from MyZoo is a super cool themed cat shelf with a nod towards the stars.  This is for all of us who wanted to be astronauts when we were kids, now our kitties can be little space travelers!

A happy can snuggled up in the Spaceship Gamma cat shelf from MyZoo.  It's super cozy while still having a beautiful design.

Really comfy space travelers.  This is a cat shelf, designed to both look great while also being totally functional.  When you install it into the studs on your wall, it’s strong enough to handle up to 15kg or roughly 33lbs.  

That’s sturdy enough to handle a large Maine Coon which is on the … well, the big side of the big cat spectrum.  Or a chunky kitty that you are wanting to encourage to exercise with some cat friendly activities.

Like climbing a cat wall.  Gotta get a move on to get up to your favorite lounging spot.

It’s perfect to install high up, so that your cat can really survey their kingdom through the acrylic dome that goes onto the end of this cat shelf.

The Spaceship Gamma has been installed high up, somewhere cats can enjoy looking around at their world or just snuggle up safely, out of the dogs reach.

With a really lovely modern look, the Spaceship Gamma from MyZoo could really fit into most modern homes.  Whether you prefer a more fantastical look, something sleek and chic or a more minimalist feel. This is a very versatile piece overall.

It comes in two colors, a lovely light oak finish and a beautiful dark walnut.  So, whether you need something a little more light or a darker tone for with your homes decor, you’ve got choices.

And if you like this design but maybe want a little more versatility, this can transform into a cat bed very easily.  Simply set the flat base on the ground instead of installing it onto your wall and boom. Cat bed. A stylish one at that.

This cat shelf can also be turned into a cat bed, easily and simply.  It makes for a stylish spot and a great place to snuggle.

The bubble is facing up towards the ceiling, meaning your cat can sit up in the Spaceship Gamma and peer around before snuggling back up in their cubby.

Making spaces for your cat to go and be… well, a cat, is critical.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it pretty.

Using shelves like these or others can give your kitty a place to go and get away from the craziness of the house.  It encourages exercise and provides them with things to scratch that aren’t your couch.

If you like this, you might like the rest of MyZoo’s cat furniture.  It’s all space themed and made with quality, luxury materials that are sure to last you and your cat a lifetime.

So, if you want to make a space themed cat wall, we’ve got you covered. It’s all designed to really go together.

With all that said, I really hope you like this cat shelf from MyZoo.  It’s a designer cat shelf that comes at a decent price and is built to last. (PSST! Here are some really modern, high quality luxury cat trees we think you will fall in love with that will compliment your Spaceship Gamma!” amazingly well.)

Between the different colors, versatility in design and use and how sturdy it is… I couldn’t recommend this more if you are on the lookout for something fantastical or just cool and modern.

I hope you like it.  Give your cats a hug for me!

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