The Solar Cat Shelf From MyZoo – Form Meets Function

The Solar cat shelf from MyZoo is a functional piece of art that you and your cat can enjoy.  Strong enough to hold large and small cats alike, and sure to start conversations when you have guests.

The Solar Cat Shelf from MyZoo is an amazingly cheerful piece of cat furniture that will give your cat something to climb on while giving you functional art to look at.

It’s modern, whimsical, fun and fantastical all while still being an incredibly useful cat shelf.  It will give your cat a place to jump and climb to, survey their world and snuggle up. Get exercise and play.  

The Solar cat shelf being used with the equally whimsical and fun cloud shaped Moku shelf.

Which, is very important to your kitties health.  It’s critical that they have an outlet for all their snuggly, playful needs.  This can help keep your other furniture safe from their claws, and your fur babies healthy.

A shelf like the Solar cat shelf is designed to last you a lifetime as well.  It’s made from solid wood, so it’s sturdy. It can hold up to 33lbs, so even a large Maine Coon will be able to lounge on it.

The design itself is really special as well.  A stylized sun, with sunbeams spread out along the wall and a curved shelf along the bottom edge.

The platform itself is made from slotted wood, so your cat can get a grip when they need to.

Much like any good piece of furniture, this cat shelf going to last.  It’s not like some cheap carpeted cat trees that last 6 months to 1 year and then need to be replaced.  Not that those are inherently bad, but it can be good and very worthwhile to invest in something that’ll be around for years to come.

Young and old cats alike can really go through furniture, y’know?  

And, if you want to make an entire space themed cat wall to go with this Solar cat shelf, there are oodles of other amazing pieces of cat furniture that can easily mix in with this.  You can create a whole cohesive look for your cat to climb on and get exercise.

They have little cloud shaped steps that you can use to make a stairway up to your cats sunny shelf.   Or the Solar’s sister shelf, the Luna. Plus, a whole bunch of other amazing shelves that you can check out over here!

I hope you found this helpful and can see why I really love this (and other shelves) from MyZoo.  They are just so fun that it’s hard for me to resist talking about them. As I’ve said before about them, form meets function with their cat furniture.  

I hope you are having a great day, give your cat some love for me!

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