Set Of 3 Wall Mounted Cat Hammocks

A set of 3 wall mounted cat hammocks can really help you catify your space quickly. Theses cat wall shelves are cheap and effective too!

So, lets talk about this set of 3 wall mounted cat hammocks! They are a really practical and affordable option for if you’ve been on the lookout for cat shelves that aren’t ludicrously expensive. I know the sticker shock of looking at some of these shelves and seeing that $150-$200 price tag.

You don’t have that crazy price with these, and you get three instead of just one. Win-win in my book. Now, what are the specs on these and how do they hold up to some of those other cat shelves?

Pretty well, I’d say, though obviously they are a little more simple than some others you might find. Which, isn’t a bad thing, and could be a bonus depending on your personal taste.

They are a hammock style, so they are going to provide a lovely place for your kitty to snuggle up happily. I really like hammock style and bowl cat shelves, since they give some great spots to climb, while being super snug at the same time.

Strong and breathable oxford fabric is suspended between the thin but strong metal bars, creating the hammock for your cat! It’s easy to install as well, with the anchors and screws you’ll need being included with the cat shelves.

They hold up to 22 lbs, so they are perfect for small and average size kitties. If you have a really large cat, I might look at some of these other cheap cat wall shelf options!

The dimensions on these shelves are 13.8″ by 9.9″, so again, they’ll definitely work out perfectly for smaller and average sized kitties. They are super comfy and easy to clean. You can wipe the fabric down easily and they dry very fast.

Another thing you can do with this set of 3 wall mounted cat hammocks is use them for steps up to a higher place.

If you already have an established cat wall, and want more options these work out perfectly for that. You can also add them on the wall above a cat tree you already have to amp up the “cat levels” of your space.

To sum up this cheap cat shelf set, these shelves are a great price and rank high on our list of affordable cat shelves. They are simple, but still pretty. Though smaller than some other shelves, they are a good size for your small and average sized kitties. Easy cleanup, easy installation and great for use on their own or with your already purchased cat furniture!

I hope this was helpful and helped you decide whether these shelves are for you!

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