Senior Cat Friendly Solid Wood Cat Tree Review

This senior cat friendly solid wood cat tree is affordable and very strong.

When on the hunt for things to make your older cats life easier, it makes finding new ways to get them up to their favorite places a priority. Which is why I want to introduce you to this senior cat friendly solid wood cat tree.

We want our puffballs to be able to enjoy their window views! Even when their joints happen to be a little achy.  Which is why I’ve picked out this New Cat Condos cat tree. It’s perfect for senior cats who don’t want to jump far anymore.

Senior Cat Friendly Solid Wood Cat Tree Review Highlights and Details

The steps are spaced apart so that they won’t have far to climb when going for the top.  It has two steps, the bottom one is 15” high and the second step up to the very top of the cat tree is 16”.  

Just tall enough to keep them moving, without putting undue strain on them.  It is important to make sure they keep exercising, just not overdoing!

That said, if you are noting that your cat is having trouble navigating the house or is really reluctant to climb and jump onto things they used to and you haven’t visited your vet yet, I would recommend you do.

This can be a sign of arthritis which is often present in older cats. And while a cat tree for older cats can help, it might not be the only thing to help reduce their discomfort.

Okay, back to our cat tree review!

So, we know the height of the steps, but how tall is this piece of cat furniture in its entirety?  It’s 32” tall, making it pretty perfect for sitting by a window sill.

It’s short enough that you won’t have to worry about your older cats. But tall enough for them to survey their kingdom. 

Because this is a New Cat Condos cat tree, I can tell you the quality is going to be great as well.

All of their cat furniture is made from solid wood and household grade carpet. They set it up so there is as little to no assembly.

This senior cat friendly solid wood cat tree comes pre-assembled, for example.  So, it’s ready to go RIGHT out of the box. All you have to do is pick out where you want it and boom, you have a functional cat tree without any fuss.

They make this and their other furniture right in the U.S.A, and it’s hall handcrafted to assure the best quality you can get.  Now, you’d think this would make the price skyrocket, but everything they make is very reasonably priced.

It’s all comparable to a lot of the other affordable cat trees out there, especially the older cat friendly solid wood cat tree we’re talking about today.  

These folks really understand the needs of senior cats, large cats and cat owners. You can inspect more New Cat Condos cat trees right here!

And, to add to the list of good things this cat tree has, the sisal wrapped around it’s side posts is unoiled sisal. 

That’s great because that means it’s definitely pet friendly. Did you know that finding sisal that’s cat safe when making your own cat tree is actually quite the pain?

At least, I had a hard time.  It all seems to be treated with something or other that made me nervous about bringing it into my home where I knew my cat would be interacting with it daily.  You don’t have that worry with this.

All that said, I know this still might not exactly be the right cat tree for you and your cat.  You want to be sure and be specific with what you want when you are on the hunt for the perfect one for your senior cat.

We have an entire list of cat trees over here that I’ve found to be really great for older cats, so whether you are on a budget or looking for something for your apartment, there’s something there that’ll work.

Well, I hope you were able to find something that meets all your and your fuzzballs needs.  Senior cats might need a little extra TLC sometimes, but we all know that they are totally, 110% worth it.  Getting a cat tree like the one we talked about today or others I mentioned can help enhance their quality of life by letting them get to their favorite places with ease again.

Speaking from experience here, I know your cat will thank you for making the effort.  Have a good day and pet your cats for me, guys!

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