Rustic Cat Tree For Older Cats

This rustic cat tree for older cats is stylish and super easy to clean.  It has no carpet, making it a cinch to wipe down whenever you need.

This rustic cat tree for older cats is a great solution to a common problem.  Senior cats want to explore and climb just as much as they did when they were younger, but it can be hard on their joints.  Which is why I know you want to make things as easy on them as possible. But still give your baby everything they wants.

With arthritis being a common ailment in senior and older cats, you might want to get something a bit easier for them to climb. So that they can still get up to their favorite spots or just look out the window when they want.

This cat tree is senior cat friendly, with easy to climb steps that don’t require much jumping.  A cat condo on the ground level. And a long central scratching post (which is about as tall as the entire cat tree) that your cat can use to get a good stretch. 

The first step is only 14” tall. And it’s only that tall because that step happens to be where the cat condo is.  The second step is only 11” from the first one and the last step to the top perch is 9”.

Depending on the size of your cat, they could almost just walk up.

34” tall in total, with three steps up to the top.  Each step is cushioned with a faux fur pillow that your cat can snuggle up on.

Each cushion is also removable for easy cleaning, making this cat tree a cinch to keep tidy.  It has no carpet, so you just wipe it down with a damp cloth after you remove the pillows and boom, clean cat tree.

If you have a large senior cat this cat tree is great for that as well, it’s strong enough and the platforms are big enough for them to have a place to nestle in and enjoy themselves.  

It’s made from MDF, otherwise known as medium density fibreboard.  This is a strong material often used when making furniture.

Assembly is noted by company AND customers as being very easy.   

And none of this mentions how stylish this cat tree is.  It has a sort of mod vintage design with lovely rustic wood detailing, white faux fur cushions.  It’s a beautiful piece that would work well with a lot of decor designs. 

Two cats enjoying the cozy ground level cat condo on this stylish cat tree.
Two cats enjoying the cozy ground level cat condo on this stylish cat tree.

But, if you don’t think this is quite the right fit for you and your fuzzball, I did write an entire article on what cat trees are best for older cats. Including cat trees that I think would be good for apartments or for people on a budgets.

Check it out here!

All of these things combined are why I recommend this rustic cat tree if you have older cats.  It’s a good size if you’re looking to give them a place to watch the world from without being super tall.  Easy steps make it simple for your cat to get to the top.

A cozy cat condo on the ground level for when your cat doesn’t want to climb or just wants some alone time.  A tall scratching post for them to stretch on. And the entire thing is easy to clean and assemble.

? PSST… If the rustic look of this cat tree isn’t quite the thing to blend with your modern home decor we suggest you take a gander at this adorable modern cat tree with no carpet.

Or, if you’re looking more traditional, this carpeted cat tree for small spaces from New Cat Condos has levels easy for senior or disabled cats to reach and arrives at your door fully assembled!

I hope this was helpful and you were able to get a little bit closer at least to finding the right cat tree for your kitty.  Give them a hug for me and have a great day.

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