Realistic Cat Tree Wall Bundle With Leaves

Realistic Cat Tree Wall Bundle With Leaves

This realistic cat tree wall bundle with leaves is a fantastic value. The main playgym is compact and sturdy. Tall enough for kitties to see out the window when hiding in it’s branches but small enough that it won’t dominate your room.

The addition of the wall shelves is what turns this into a true kitty playground of awesomeness. If you demand that each item in your home add to both it’s beauty and function this lifelike cat tree and wall unit is just what the doctor ordered.

Because it looks like a very leafy tree it adds to the beauty of your home. One customer even reports she has to remind herself not to mist it when she’s tending to her other plants!

We just love the leafy cat shelves that come with this bundle. Those of you in smaller spaces can really expand your cats play area by using your wall space. Kudos to whoever thought of this.

If you are looking for a larger lifelike cat tree we’ve got some ideas for you right here.

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