Paper Rope Cat Tree For Older Cats

This paper rope cat tree for older cats is a great cat tree for apartments or people living in small homes.  It has an almost wicker cat tree appearance that makes it quite stylish.

A paper rope cat tree for older cats like this one can be just what the doctor ordered.  Perhaps literally in some cases. With arthritis and achy joints being so common in older cats, it can really inhibit their movement.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t get to their favorite places anymore, they just need a little extra help sometimes.  That’s where a cat tree like this one comes into play.

The highlights and details of this paper rope cat tree for older cats.

It’s easy to climb into with deep, cozy bowl-shaped beds for your cat to snuggle into.  There are two places to get cozy in! The means if you happen have more than one cat they will both have a place to nestle into without having to fight for a spot.

This cat tree makes life easier for your cat when they want to get up high. Have their own space and snuggle up without having to jump to far up. Some other cat furniture isn’t always made with your senior cats in mind and make it so that your cat has to jump higher.

As far as cat trees go, this one is also perfect for apartment dwellers.  It’s a good size, only 23” tall with a base of 17.5” x 17.5”. When floorspace is at a premium, this will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Size-wise that means it’s actually good for an older cat too.  It’s not super tall, so if they did get ahead of themselves and decide to jump down from the top bed, it’s not tall enough for them to hurt themselves.

The steps are spaced well apart too, making it easy for your kitty to make the initial climb up.

And the beds/steps themselves are supported by sisal wrapped posts. Which give your cat a place to scratch and take care of their claws.

If you happen to have a large senior cat this piece of cat furniture is great for them too.  The beds are big enough and strong enough to handle a 20lb Maine Coon at the very least! So you can rest easy knowing your big kitty has someplace to snuggle. And if you want even more snoozing room for kitty we recommend you take a look at this sleek modern cat bed from Tuft + Paw.

Especially the bottom bed, it’s a deep bowl, so they can really get in there and feel safe and cozy.  It has fleece pillows in the bed areas that can be removed and cleaned when the time comes, so this cat tree is fairly easy to keep tidy.

This paper rope cat tree is perfect for multi-cat homes as well, with two beds, your cats can either snuggle together or have their own spot.

Because this cat tree is made from paper rope, a strong building material that has been used for furniture for ages, it’s durable AND looks stylish.  It has an almost wicker-like appearance.

This is great for any home, but especially if you are looking for a cat tree for your apartment, because it’s well made and pretty, it won’t clutter up the place and can help you keep a cohesive design throughout your home.

Well, with all that said if this isn’t the style you’re looking for but you still want something that’s good for senior cats, I’ve got an entire post dedicated to the top 5 cat trees for older cats and you might want to check that out over here!

Thank you for having a look at this cat tree and I hope it was what you were looking for, or at least gave you some good ideas as to what’s out there and the possibilities that you and your kitty have!

Give your cats lots of love for me and have a great day!

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