Cat Trees… Is Carpet The Only Answer?

Have a decrepit cat tree in need of repairs? Questioning what materials to use when making your own cat tree? Or perhaps you want to know what options you have other than… well, the usual carpet covered cat furniture you see everywhere! Well, you’ve ended up in the right place. There’s not really a wrong … Read more

A Cat Tree Hamster Wheel?

Learn Skills You Need To Build This Well folks, if you are looking for a cool cat tree to build I think this one takes the cake!  Yep, it’s a cat tree, hamster wheel and litter box combo! I know right?  I couldn’t take my eyes off it while I was surfing the web either. … Read more

Easy DIY Cat Furniture Project

No Room For Cat Furniture?  Try Cat Tunnels Instead If you are looking for a super simple DIY cat furniture project this is your lucky day. While I was surfing around the interwebs today I stumbled onto this outstanding cat playground tutorial from Lowe’s of all places. The instructions are clearly written and easy to … Read more

Sisal Cat Tree

Click Here & Learn ToBuild This Sisal Cat Tree Often times a sisal cat tree is the first thing that springs to mind when you decide you want something for your cats to climb on. You know your kitties need exercise to stay healthy.  And climbing on a cat tree is the perfect thing to … Read more