Is A New Cat Condos Cat Tree For You?

Is a New Cat Condos Cat Tree right for you?  If you need a really sturdy cat tree, one that can handle multiple cats or fit into a small of narrow space, then, yes.  I'd recommend these.  Plus, almost all of them come pre-assembled.

Is a New Cat Condos cat tree for you?  Let’s find out!

So, you’ve decided that a cat tree is something you are seriously considering for you and your cat.  That’s great, because a cat tree can greatly improve both your cats and your life.

And New Cat Condos makes amazingly sturdy, affordable and well made cat trees.  Which we are about to cover here.

They are carpeted cat trees made with solid wood and all but the largest of their cat furniture comes totally preassembled, with most of their cat trees also offering free shipping (on amazon) to top it all off.

There are a lot of pros to New Cat Condos cat trees that make them well worth considering seriously.

  • Most of them ship to you already assembled
  • Affordably priced
  • Solid wood construction
  • Large cat friendly
  • Household grade carpet
  • Made in the U.S.A

There aren’t a ton of cons to New Cat Condos cat trees, as far as I have seen.

A picture of the inside of a New Cat Condos cat tree post, wrapped in carpet.

They are a typical cat tree in appearance.  So if you aren’t really into the “carpeted cat tree” look you might want to consider something else.

While this cat tree will last you for a long time, due to its solid construction and household grade materials (like the carpet), things WILL still wear out if you have a heavy scratcher.

Most cat trees will.  There are few exceptions to this rule, and even then they simply make the parts that wear out more easy to replace than you will be able to with a carpeted cat tree like this one.

That’s a con, but it’s a nitpick more than an actual problem, as you will encounter that with every tree.

  • Typical cat tree appearance, not “modern”
  • Harder to replace individual components 
    • E.g, carpet and sisal

Now, here are some cat trees from New Cat Condos that will give you a great idea of the sorts of things they have and make.  If you want to just look at their entire catalogue for yourself however, click here to see their shop.

Premier Elevated Cat Bed, My Favorite Of Their Small Trees

The premier elevated cat bed from New Cat Condos is my favorite small cat tree from them because it really can fit most places, is strong enough to handle even a 20lb Maine Coon and is suitable for older cats.

I’m going to start with the smallest cat tree I’ll be featuring today.  It’s a good size for apartments or if you have a small spot you are wanting to fit your cat furniture into.

It’s my favorite of the new cat condos smaller cat trees because of the size, shape and how easily it can fit into most any home regardless of how much room you have.

It’s only 24” tall, and it’s base is 20” x 20”.  So, truly, it can fit into most spaces. It’s super sturdy, made from solid wood, making it purrfect for heftier felines to lounge on.

Seriously, they make their cat trees with large cats in mind.  It can easily handle the weight of even the largest of Maine Coon’s and Ragdolls.

That said, the top bed might be a wee bit small for cats over 18lbs.

Though they can definitely still enjoy it, it might just be a tight squeeze.  That said, a lot of cats really enjoy being in tight cubby-like spots, so whether your cat will like it or not is something only you can know.

The height of this cat tree is enough for it to sit just under most windows and still give your kitty the option of a good view.

No Assembly Required!

And, there is absolutely NO assembly required.  Period. It ships to your door fully assembled and ready to go.  Just pull it out of the box and you can set it up wherever you want.

Cat Play Tree, Tree Themed Cat Tree AND Good For Older Cats

Next up that I want you to see from New Cat Condos is this surprisingly whimsical tree themed cat tree.  This is quite the way to put a new spin on the typical carpeted cat tree.

It’s got a nice luxury feel with how it looks and with the quality of materials used. Also, it’s made in the U.S.A with house grade carpet solid wood.

It’s bark-like ridges of carpet are well loved by cats for scratching and snuggling up against.

This cat tree is 32” tall with a 20” x 20” base, so while it’s not super tall, it’s a decent enough height to get your cat up and into a window.

With two closely spaced steps up to the top of this cat tree, this is a wonderful option for older cats as well.

If your cats can’t jump as high as they used to, this is something they should be able to get up and down without much trouble.

Even cats with some mobility issues, such as cerebellar hypoplasia, have made it up this cat tree.

Note: if you are thinking about a cat tree that will be easy for disabled kitties to get up, please make sure you consult your vet and know their exact needs before purchasing.

And, this one ALSO comes fully assembled.  So, you don’t have to worry about doing any assembly yourself! It’s totally plug and play from the moment it gets to your house.

4 Level Cat Lounger, A Strong & Affordable Option For Multi-Cat Homes

This 4-level cat lounger is perfect for multi-cat homes, homes with big cars, and if you are on a tighter budget.

For what you get, this cat tree comes at an amazingly affordable price.  This is a prime example of why I think a New Cat Condos cat tree is an amazing option for just about anybody.  

This solid wood cat tree from New Cat Condos is strong enough to handle that giant house panther of yours, or several.

It’s tall enough for the daredevil cat in the house to really get up there and enjoy lounging 61” above the rest of the house.  And it’s solid base is 24” wide and 20” deep.

And no matter the size of your cat (assuming you don’t own an ACTUAL panther), it will be able to easily handle them.

? It’s a 50 lb cat tree, so even if your big baby decides to make a great leap to the top it isn’t going to go rocking.

Even so, each step is staggered to make getting to the top easy for the cats who doesn’t enjoy large jumps.  

Like the other cat trees, this one is also made from solid wood, household grade carpet and, in addition, unoiled sisal rope.

It has some sisal wrapped around one of it’s lower posts, making it an easy scratching spot for your kitties.

And since the sisal is natural and unoiled, you don’t have to worry about anything being in the rope that you wouldn’t want your cat to have.

Okay, so this particular cat tree is just to large to ship in one piece. But it’s sent in as few as possible.

I’m fairly certain the only real assembly required is screwing on the top bed.

Assembly requires no tools whatsoever and should only take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Large Cat Tree Tower For The Super Climbing Kitties In Your Life

This large cat tree is amazing for those daredevil climbing kitties in your life.  For the cat who wants to get high and then go even higher, make crazy jumps and then lounge where they land.

This cat tree was designed for cats who love to get up high. No matter what it takes to get there.

It’s tall and has a lot of places for them to jump to and from, lounge on, scratch up and just in general enjoy.  It’s 71”, making it just shy of being 6 feet tall with a very sturdy base that’s 20” x 20”.  

Solid wood construction and household grade carpet make this cat tree a hefty 69 lbs.

Which really help keep it from being woobly when your cat makes their great leaps or scales it.

It has a really fun layout that I’ve noticed cats either really love or don’t really know how to use fully.  Because of how the top two beds are configured right on top of eachother, it makes it hard for some cats to figure out.

But, that said, most cats just crawl right up and have a great time lounging.  

Note: I would not recommend this tree for older cats or cats with arthritis and other mobility issues, because it is for cats who are big jumpers and enjoy scaling tall trees and other furniture.  

With 6 total levels for your cat to enjoy snoozing on or watching the world go by, this cat tree is a great example of a multi-cat cat tree, or a cat tree for a larger cat.  

This one also, somehow comes fully assembled.  So you won’t be fighting with it trying to piece things together.  You can just pull it out of the box, pick where you want it and it’s already set up.

The New Cat Condos Cat Tree Store Has All The Options For You

If you want to see more from New Cat Condos, why not check out their store?  The cat trees featured here are only a sample of their furniture. They have so much more to offer that all have the same quality as the ones listed here.

You never know what might work best for your cat, your house and your family until you have a chance to see all your options.  

I hope this went a long way to helping you figure out if a New Cat Condos cat tree is right for you and your cats.  I highly recommend them, because almost all of their models ship in one piece, meaning no assembly.

They are made in the U.S, handcrafted, made from solid wood and house grade carpet.  It’s hard to beat that for the price!  

If you decide to nab one of these, please send us a picture on Twitter and let us know what you think!

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