MyZoo Spaceship Alpha – A Fun, Modern Ode To Childhood

The MyZoo Spaceship Alpha cat bed is a stylized yet functional place for your kitty to snuggle up and enjoy a good cat nap, or just watch the world go by in style.

If you are looking for a unique cat bed, the MyZoo Spaceship Alpha is unlikely to disappoint.  It’s a themed, modern, fun and cozy cat bed that your kitty is sure to enjoy.

With it’s tube-like shape and little windows it creates a safe little cubby for them to enjoy safely nestling into while still getting to look out at the world around them.  …And you also get to see all the cute poses they end up in while they doze.

This is a high quality cat bed made with sturdy materials.  It’ll last you and your kitty a good long time that way. Just like a quality couch will last you years, this will too.

The acrylic domes are easy to clean on the Spaceship Alpha cat bed, just wipe them down with a damp cloth and boom, you are ready to go.

The acrylic domes are easy to wipe down along with the wood and high end veneer of the rest of the cat bed.  It’s a cinch to clean, just a damp cloth and you are good to go. And your cat is good to go back to rolling around in it.

It’s big enough for just about any cat of any size to enjoy too.  Even your Maine Coons should be able to chill and have a smooth ride into space with this bed.  It’s 25 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 16 inches tall.  

? PSST… If you’re looking for something a little more traditional may we suggest this cat tree without carpet?

With its fun modern style inspired by space exploration, if you ever dreamed about being an astronaut as a kid and going where no man has ever gone before… With this bed, you can help send your kitties where no cat has gone before!

At least, in their dreams if nothing else.  

It comes in two colors as well, a lovely rich walnut and a light and bright oak.  So, whatever your homes decor, there is something here that will likely go well.

And you can leave it as is, if you know your cat likes a firmer surface to lay on.  I’ve known cats who avoid the cat beds I’ve bought them in the past in favor of the table or my books.

But, if you know your cat loves soft squooshy things, it’s easy to tuck a little blanket or soft mat into the MyZoo Spaceship Alpha.

Give your cat a cushy area that already smells like them even, if you really want to encourage them to get into the new bed instead of the box it comes in.

And if you really love this look, the Spaceship Alpha has a cat shelf sibling, the Spaceship Gamma.  So if you are wanting to create a cohesive kitty space, it’s more than possible with the cat furniture from MyZoo.

In fact, pretty much their whole line is space themed in some form or other.  Some are more modern and sleek while others have a wonderful whimsy to them that make them real statement pieces.

So, whatever your style of sky admiration is, there are options!  If you want to see more of them, click here!

To sum up, the MyZoo Spaceship Alpha is a pretty cool themed cat bed that can be set up, happily most anywhere.  Made into whatever brand of cozy your cat likes. It’s an ode to the days when we all wanted to be an astronaut and travel to galaxies far, far away.

With materials that are sure to get you to those galaxies and keep you safe there for years to come.  And a look that will fit into whatever new environment (your house) it ends up in.

So, that’s the Spaceship Alpha.  I hope you have a good one and give your kitty a scritch for me!

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