Multi-Cat Friendly Solid Wood Cat Tree For Climbers

This multi-cat friendly solid wood cat tree for climbers is perfect for daredevil kitties, large cats and snuggle buddies alike.

If, like so many you are in need of a multi-cat friendly solid wood cat tree that can withstand all your fur-babies and satisfy that one (or maybe more than one) crazy goofball super climber, then I have just the cat tree for you.

This is a really cool cat tree from New Cat Condos that is 71” tall with a bed at the very tippy top.  It provides a space for every cat.

From the daredevil who likes to go as high as possible to the more reclusive cubby-hole kitty.

It’s base is 20” x 20” and it’s about 70lbs, making it incredibly stable, even when your cats decide to make a great leap or race to the top.

I can tell you that this cat tree is that heavy because it’s made from solid wood. So that it’s as strong and stable as this cat tree is capable of being.

So, not only is this cat tree good for multiple cats to lounge on at the same time, it’s also great for big cats.

It’s not going anywhere, even when they jump up a few levels.

And the carpet it’s covered in is household grade.  This makes it stronger than your average carpet covered cat tree, as a lot of them just use a plush sort of fabric.

Which isn’t bad, but it’s certainly not as long-lasting as this is likely to be.

Two of the supporting posts are covered in unoiled sisal rope, making purrfect scratching posts.

So, your cats can either scratch happily on the carpet or on the sisal. Because the sisal is unoiled, you don’t have to worry about any weird things in your sisal.  

You can easily see how this multi-cat large cat tree works into the decor of your house.

If there’s one thing I learned while learning HOW to make a cat tree, it’s that finding pet safe sisal is actually quite the chore.  You do not have to worry about that with this cat tree.

This cat tree has a total of 6 levels for your cats to enjoy, jumping on to, climbing, snoozing on.  It’s got a spot for everyone.

Though, I will note that I would not recommend this if you have older cats with sore joints.

The first jump is a little long and could be hard for them.

That said if you already have a smaller cat tree they like, it can easily serve as a first step up onto this tree for them.

This multi-cat friendly solid wood cat tree is perfect for those crazy climbers, not for kitties with mobility issues.  

A big bonus to this cat tree is that it does, in fact, come to your house pre-assembled.  In one gigantic box. So, all you have to do is unbox it and pick out the place you want it to sit.  

No assembly, no tools, no worries.  Just maybe an extra pair of hands to help you scoot it, because it is hefty.

To top it all off, it’s made right here in the U.S.A.  So, when you buy this cat tree, or any other New Cat Condos cat trees, you are supporting american workers and craftsmen. 

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That’s why this is a great multi-cat friendly solid wood cat tree, especially for that climber in your life.  It’s tall, has a lot of places for your cat to hang out with their siblings.  

It’s made from quality materials, like household grade carpet, solid wood and unoiled sisal rope. So the cat parent in you does not have to worry about their safety when you buy this.  It comes pre-assembled and is made right here in the U.S.A.

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