Modern Rustic Wood Cat Tree

This modern rustic wood cat tree is easy to clean, can help save your furniture and is large and senior cat friendly.

This modern rustic wood cat tree is from Feandrea, a cat furniture manufacturer who really focuses on making longer lasting cat trees that you can enjoy even with a larger cat.

I know how hard it is to find a cat tree that is suitable for a large cat, which is why we try to make sure as many of the cat trees we review are strong enough to support them.  Even harder sometimes though is finding a cat tree that is alright for an older cat.

The platforms on this cat tree are large and sturdy enough to handle a large cat and spaced just close enough together that an older cat should have no problem climbing to the top of this tree to lounge.

This cat tree has a large scratching post for your cat to stretch out on.  It's a great cat tree for senior cats and large cats.
This cat tree is senior cat friendly and has a lovely cozy condo at the bottom.

It has a cozy cubby of a cat condo attached to the bottom that cats can either happily snuggle up inside of, or on top of as it makes up the first step up this three platform cat tree.  Each platform has a plush faux fur mat that attaches using velcro.

This makes it easy to take off the mats and launder them when they need cleaning.  Overall this cat tree is a breeze to clean, a damp cloth when you want to clean off the hard surfaces and then the cushions can be thrown into the washer.

There’s also a very easy to access central scratching post, it’s roughly 34” tall since it spans almost the entire height of the cat tree itself.

It’s front and center so that your cats can scratch away to their heart’s content and get a good stretch while they are doing it if they so choose. 

The scratching post is made of durable sisal which helps cats get out their natural instinct to scratch and get rid of the dead outer layers of their claws, it helps them to stretch and flex.  Basically, all good healthy things.

The cat tree itself is made from MDF, otherwise known as medium density fibreboard.  It’s a durable and strong material often used for furniture.  

Not to mention that this modern rustic wood cat tree is also pretty stylish.  I love the almost vintage wood cabin feel it has going, it just makes it seem really cozy and comfortable.

I’ve never seen another cat tree quite like this one in terms of its aesthetic. 

If this cat tree isn’t quite what you are looking for, but you are still in the market for a cat tree that looks more like a tree, especially for some of the best cat scratching trees, we have an entire list dedicated to the five best and what they each of them is best at.  Go check ahead and check that out!

So, that’s the modern rustic wood cat tree!  It’s a great choice for cats of all sizes and ages, it’s styled beautifully and is super easy to clean, with a nice large central scratching post to help cats get out their need to scratch without sacrificing your furniture.  I hope you have a great day and that this helped you find what you need!

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