Modern Round Cat Wall Shelf With Porthole

Modern round cat wall shelf with porthole from MyZoo is an amazing display and makes for great modern cat furniture shelves.

The Spaceship Gamma is a modern round cat wall shelf with porthole from MyZoo and has got the be one of the most fun cat shelves I’ve seen in a long time. It’s sleek and contemporary, yet still full of a special kind of whimsy.

Their entire cat furniture line seems to be space themed, and this tunnel cat shelf isn’t any exception. It’s a sturdy wood cylinder with a transparent acrylic rounded half-bubble that you attach to the end. One of the great things about this modern cat wall shelf isn’t just how sleek and fanciful it is.

It’s also how versatile it can be! It can be either a cat shelf, via installing it on one of the studs in your wall or it can just be a simple cat bed.

It’s designed so that you can set it on it’s flat base (the part that sits on the wall) and leave it on the floor for your cat to snuggle up in and when they sit up, stare out at the world through their own little bubble.

It’s dimensions are roughly 15 3/4″ across and 20″ tall. So, it’s a decent size without being insanely big. Which means it’ll work well as a one off piece you put above a couch or window sill (for easy access for your cat) or it’ll be good if you’re planning to work it into a greater scheme to catify your home!

You can purchase either a left or right opening, depending on what your needs are. It’s important to plan ahead for these kinds of things when you are making a cat room or wall, or just need to know what side of the window you want your cat to be able to access the perch from.

One of the wonderful things about the MyZoo line of cat shelves and furniture is you can definitely keep with a theme for your decor if you want to. They have all manner of things to mix and match and create a kitty play space that will fit right into your home.

I keep stumbling across people on instagram who have done just that, it’s really great to see.

But, with all that said if this contemporary cat shelf doesn’t quite do it for you, you should go look over here, we have a few others (and the list is growing all the time) for you to browse.

I hope this gave you a good look at this modern round cat wall shelf with porthole from MyZoo. It’s modern yet whimsical and has a great almost sci-fi flare to it. It’s sturdy and has a lovely range of other cat furniture to go along with it if you choose to really go crazy! All in all, this gets a pretty high rating from me.

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