Modern Cat Furniture Shelves For Your Home

Modern cat furniture shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes!  They can be cozy for your kitty while still matching your decor.

If you’re looking for contemporary or modern cat furniture shelves, you wouldn’t be alone. They can still be rather hard to find these days. Cat shelves are still comparatively new in the cat furniture world, so there aren’t, or it doesn’t feel like there are as many style choices as we’ve started to see in other pet furniture.

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That’s not to say that there aren’t choices out there. I just had to dig a bit more to find any worth your time. But, it all worked out in the end! I found some excellent pieces that I think will work beautifully with your modern decor.

Curved Space Grey Cat Shelf Furniture

A space grey modern cat shelf can help cats get out their need to zoom and climb.

One of these options is this really cool curved cat shelf called the Lotus Leaf from the Refined Feline. They make some elegant and long lasting cat shelves. It comes in a few different colors. The main one we’re talking about today is space grey, which lends it a more contemporary feel.

Modern cat wall shelf furniture - the refined feline lotus cat shelf features replaceable berber carpet.

Made from solid wood and bent ply, with replaceable berber carpet attached. It makes it easy to clean, since the carpet is removable, and they sell replacements for it.

It’s 22″ long and 10.5″ deep, so it’s big enough for your cat to enjoy lounging in without taking up ALL of your wall space. Unless you want it to, in which case you could easily get a few of these. Or combine it with their more s-shaped longer sibling (the Lotus Branch) to make an entire cat room or wall.

The lotus branch is an excellent companion piece for with this shelf. Though not being featured separately in this post I feel like it deserves a shout out here! It’s much larger than the leaf, at 61″ long, so it’s more like a modern, curvy kitty runway and wall lounger.

As you can see both shelves come in a variety of colors, not just grey. They come in black, white (which comes with fluffy faux fur instead of the berber carpet), and mahogany!

When installing these just make sure to find your studs for the safest perch possible. But, that said if you have a particular spot in mind and there isn’t a stud right there, be sure to get some drywall anchors (don’t skimp here, you want the good stuff), and that should do you. This is a general thing to note with most cat shelves, actually.

Modern Round Cat Wall Shelf With Porthole

Modern space-themed cat shelf from MyZoo.  It have a porthole and an epic acrylic bubble.

Next up is this round Spaceship Gamma cat bed/shelf from MyZoo. It’s definitely one of the more unique and out there designs I’ve seen and I love it to bits.

This cat shelf can be multi-functional, you can either hang it up, or lay it on it’s flat base (the part that sets against the wall) and it can be an on the floor cat bed.

The round porthole-like opening lets your cat slip right into the round almost tunnel-like shelf, with a transparent acrylic half-bubble to give your cat a nice and safe view of everything happening in the room. It has little holes on the other side of the tunnel, too small for your cat to get into trouble with, but large enough to give airflow through the shelf when they are dozing.

These modern cat furniture shelves come in two colors, the pale oak you see above and then darker walnut color. And you have the option of an either right or left opening, depending on how you are wanting to install and set up your little kitty play area.

If you are wanting to get matching kitty furniture, these guys have a whole line of things. Most notably their cat bed. It’s very similar to this shelf here in design, tunnel shaped. But it has two acrylic bubbles, one on either side of the cylinder. Tiny little legs cradle the bed to keep it straight and it has a porthole entrance too, and comes in both the oak and walnut colors as well!

Simple Modern 34″ Solid Wood Cat Shelf

Simple by stylish cat furniture shelves that are modern and chic for your home decor needs.

This cat shelf is from CatastrophiCreations, one of my personal favorite brands and is definitely on the list of the best cat shelf brands. Which really bodes well for this particular shelf.

Being made of thin but solid wood, this shelf is remarkably sturdy, holding up to 84 lbs when installed using their instructions. It comes in a few different colors, the english chestnut pictured above, a dark onyx and… Unfinished.

Unfinished might sound a bit odd, but it means that if you have a particular varnish you are using around your house, you can use that to finish these cat shelves to exactly match your decor.

One of the great points about this shelf, and this brand in general, is that all their pieces are designed to either stand alone or work together. Almost like LEGO’s! With other single shelves like this of varying sizes, and then fabric (strong canvas that can also hold up to 64 lbs itself) raceways and hammocks. They can all work together to make one grand kitty jungle gym.

Sleek Modern S-Curve Cat Wall Shelf

High end modern cat furniture for a minimalist decor look.

Tuft + Paw make high end, modern cat furniture made to go with even the most contemporary of decor. The Freddo shelf, and yes, that is it’s name, is one of their cat shelves.

It’s sleek S-curved shape make it a great place for cats to snuggle up, feeling cozy and supported while also giving enough room to do a bit of romping. It’s made of hard wood, so it’s strong and can hold up to your cats playing.

It’s a decent size without being monstrously large. It’s 35″ long and 16″ deep, it’s a great one-off piece to add to your cat’s play space. Or a good way to start creating a spot for your cats to get up high and feel safe!

Instead of carpet or something similar, it’s got a comfortable cotton blend cushion attached to it. So, it’s basically like a cat bed and shelf combined. The cushion itself comes in either fresh white or a pyrite grey color. So you can pick which one fits your modern home decor better.

Minimalist cat shelf from Tuft + Paw with a cotton blend cushion for ultimate kitty comfort.

Like I mentioned, Tuft + Paw makes high end cat furniture, so you aren’t limited to just their modern cat furniture shelves. They have cat trees, towers and beds for you to pick from, if you are wanting to make a cohesively designed kitty play space.

All of this said, I do realize that their products are a bit more on the pricey side, though they are definitely worth it. But, that’s why we try to showcase variety, right? Even when looking for modern cat shelves, there’s going to be something in your price range.

Floating Gently Curved Cat Perch

Floating cat furniture shelf with a modern look for minimalist decor

Our last one is also from Tuft + Paw! It’s as high end as the last one, and equally well made. This brand always brings the looks and the quality when it comes to their modern cat wall shelves, and the Gatto Pertica is no exception.

Hidden brackets give it a wonderful floating appearance, and it’s curved almost bowl-like shape make it a perfect cradle for your cat to snuggle in and watch the world go by below.

This modern cat shelf is a bit smaller than the one previously mentioned. It’s 16″ across and comes 20″ out from the wall, giving a good amount of space for your feline overlord to curl up in.

It too sports a cotton blend cushion that attaches to the shelf, which is made of either walnut or maple. The cushion comes off for easy cleaning/vacuuming. It’s machine washable, so that when it comes that time you won’t have to worry.

The cushion comes in white and pyrite grey, so again, you have those simple but lovely colors to choose from, they are easy to match to just about any modern decor.

The Gatto Pertica from Tuft + Paw is a delightful modern floating cat shelf for the minimalist decor enthusiast in you.

Personally, these are some of my favorite shelves, they just have such a minimal, yet durable design to them that really make them worth the price.

As you can see, there are a good few options out there. Modern cat furniture shelves might be a bit tricky to find, but there are enough options out there to keep even the pickiest of kitties happy. And plenty to match any decor (and price range) needs you might have.

I really hope this was helpful to you and that you were able to find what you were looking for!

Have A Nice Day, I Hope You Enjoyed These Modern Cat Furniture Shelves!

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