Minimalist And Modern Luxury Cat Tree

If you are on the hunt for something stylish with a little bit more oomph than your average cat tree this minimalist and modern luxury cat tree might be something to consider.  It’s designed specifically with minimalist decor in mind.

The makers of this cat tree, Tuft + Paw are amazing cat furniture creators, everything they make they do with quality top notch materials and with a finesse that not everyone has.

This cat tree’s platforms are made from birch plywood and the central supporting post is covered in sisal rope to give your cats a great place to stretch and exercise their need to scratch.

Part of what makes this piece of cat furniture nice is how compact it is.

If you are dealing with a small, or limited space a cat tree like this can make all the difference for you and your cats.  It’s sleek and chic, so it won’t be an eyesore, but it’s small enough that it won’t completely soak up all your extra room.

It’s 36” tall, so it has some decent height to it.  But it’s base is only 17” x 17”, which means it’s quite narrow and can fit more easily where you need it to.

The only thing to keep in mind with a cat tree this narrow is that does mean it needs wall brackets to help it stay supported.

But, Tuft + Paw includes those right along with the instructions.  Assembly on this luxury cat tree should be pretty easy, the company estimates that it should take only about 30 minutes, and as far as I’ve seen that has proven to be fairly accurate.

Tuft + Paw also try to use all eco-friendly materials, keeping in mind that some households are quite chemically sensitive, making this cat tree a much safer bet than some others.  

It’s recommended for cats up to 15 lbs, so it’ll work for most every cat except for the largest out there.

There isn’t even a single spot of carpet on this minimalist and modern luxury cat tree, so it is about as easy to clean as it gets.  All you have to do is take a damp cloth every now and then when you think it needs it and wipe it down.

If you really love the idea of a smaller cat tree and need something to fit into your apartment but don’t really feel like this is it, there are plenty of other options to see over here.

And if you are wanting stuff with a slightly heavier emphasis on the scratching posts being combined with cat trees, say if you have an avid scratcher and need to save your furniture, these cat scratching trees are worth checking on.

To sum up, this luxury cat tree has a very small footprint making it perfect for apartment dwellers or condo owners.  It’s made entirely from environmentally friendly materials that can be helpful for people who tend to be sensitive to chemicals.

It’s easy to clean and will go great with minimalist decor and modern style.

I hope this review was helpful and that you were able to at least get closer to finding what’s right for you and your family!  Give your cat some love for me!

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