Luna Cat Shelf From MyZoo Review

The Luna Cat Shelf from MyZoo is an excellent and beautiful addition to any house.

The Luna cat shelf from MyZoo is an excellent example of form and function coming together to create something really magical.  MyZoo made this shelf with functionality in mind, while also wanting it to look like an amazingly beautiful statement piece.

A content kitty who has climbed up to their Luna cat shelf and decided to take a nap.  Content and comfy.

Which, let’s be honest, it really is.  It’s made from solid spruce wood, making it strong enough to hold up to 33lbs and its shaped like a crescent moon.  It’s deceptively large too, coming in at 33” long, 16” wide and 15” high.

It really is ideal for large cats in small spaces.  Hanging this on your wall for your cat to enjoy can give them a healthy outlet for some of their energy, a spot up and away from things and a place to lay.  You also get a piece of art and a cute, happy cat to look at.

Since MyZoo really does try to focus on making pieces that not only look great but can function well in small apartments, just about everything they make is meant to combine easily with their other furniture, or as stand alone pieces.

This crescent moon design isn’t something I’ve seen anybody else do, especially with such high quality materials.  It’s a statement piece that is also built to last you a lifetime, like other high end furniture. It’s designed to stick around and be beautiful and useful for as long as you, and your cat, want it.

If you think you’d like to make an entire cat wall from space themed and whimsical cat shelves like these, they have you covered.  There are cloud and sun themed cat shelves that pair perfectly with this.

They have a plethora of other designs as well, and if you’d like to check them all out, you can head over here!  

I hope you enjoyed this and the other designs from MyZoo, they really make a mark while keeping your cat happy, healthy and satisfied.  Cat furniture doesn’t have to be ugly, shag carpet covered monstrosities anymore. It can be modern, whimsical designs. Hug your cat for me!

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