Lifelike Carpet Covered Cat Tree

Lifelike Carpet Covered Cat Tree

You have just got to see this lifelike carpet covered cat tree for yourself. It comes in two color schemes, brown and green. And standing 51 inches tall it’s the epitomy of pet furniture art.

The base of this kitty tower is covered in a lush beige carpet that is folded and attached to the solid wood post so it looks like bark. The “branches” are done in either a lovely brown or sage green.

If you’ve ever tried to build your own cat tree you know what a pain that is to do!

Created here in the USA by the artists over at “New Cat Condos”. These folks only use the highest quality household carpet, solid wood posts and the sisal rope is never oiled or coated in any way so your cats and other critters will be safe playing on this cat tower.

We just love how sturdy, unique and inexpensive this cat tree is. If you are looking for a carpeted cat tree that looks like a tree you can’t go wrong with this beautiful piece of pet furniture.

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