Leopard Print Window Mounted Cat Bed

A leopard print window mounted cat bed isn't something you see everyday.  But it's a space saver as well as a statement piece.  Window sill cat beds can really save your floorspace in an apartment!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

A leopard print window mounted cat bed like this isn’t something you see everyday. I think that’s why I really gravitated to it when I first saw it. It’s a statement piece, that’s for sure.

This perch sits safely and comfortably on the sill of your window. So long as you have 2-3 inches of protruding sill for this shelf to grip onto, you are golden.

The cover for this cat bed comes off easily and is machine washable, making cleanup pretty darn simple. It makes life a lot easier and will keep this perch presentable when company comes around.

The fabric cover is machine washable!

I think if you are looking for something a little more ‘loud’ but still space saving, this could really work for you. It’s great if you have a cat who’s obsessed with getting into your window, but there’s never enough room.

I just keep coming back to that leopard print. It’s so loud and I honestly haven’t seen any other cat shelves with fabric like that. It’s not reliant on suction cups either, so if you have concerns or have had bad luck with them in the past, this is a good pick for you.

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