Large Extra Sturdy Beige Cat Tree Condo

large extra sturdy beige cat tree condo

You are just going to love this large extra sturdy beige cat tree condo we found for you.

This kitty playground has really wide platforms and super deep bed bowls or baskets. The bed on the top of the tower and the condo at the bottom have removable pads for easy cleaning.

You won’t find ANY BARE WOOD on this unit. Even the bottom is covered in plush so your floors won’t get scratched. In addition to all that it’s an Amazon Choice pet product so you know it’s a good deal.

If you’ve got a big kitty (or five of them lol) this cat tree will provide ample space for climbing, playing, hiding, sleeping and scratching.

Just look at all those thick sisal covered posts! Can’t you see your kittens teleporting up them?

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We love how substantial this cat tree is and what a great value it is for the money. Heck, all the cat furniture made by this company, “Cat Tree King” is really in a league of it’s own.

You can find less expensive cat furniture but you won’t find better quality or value for your money than one of theirs.

You don’t have to take our word for it on this. Click the image and read what all the delighted customers have to say about it for yourself. Many of them include pics of this sturdy cat tree in their home being loved by their many large cats.

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