Large Cat Tree with Plush Comfy Carpet

This is a large cat tree with plush comfy carpet from FEANDREA.  A cat furniture maker that specializes in cat trees for large cats.  It’s stable, cozy, and will work well whether you have one cat or multiple.

And it’s delightfully large, giving your kitty plenty of romping space or room to really sprawl out and take their cat naps.

It’s 63 inches tall, making it really great for those cats who love to get up high and watch everything happening.

The specific measurements for this large large cat tree with plush comfy carpet.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for a studio apartment, but just about any house bigger than that should be able to accommodate this cat tree with little trouble. 

It’s specific dimensions are 68” tall x 21” long x 20” deep.  So, it can rather easily fit into most spaces, even though it’s quite tall.  This would be a great “corner cat tree” if that’s the space you have for it.

The platforms are all big enough to work for even really large cats.  Maine Coon cats and other large breeds will be perfectly at home on every part of this cat tree.  It’s carefully made with cats of all sizes in mind.

And it’s designed with stability in mind, so that even when large cats are playing on it, it won’t topple over.

It has anti-toppling fittings that you can put on your wall if you end up feeling really worried about it.  But, I have never had a problem, personally.

This large plush cozy cat tree is also perfect for multi-cat households.  It can support multiple cats, and large ones at that.

It’s made from really durable chipboard, which is sturdy whilst still being cost effective for production.

A super cozy plush cat hammock attached to a large, big cat friendly cat tree.

It’s CARB certified too, which means it meets all of California’s clean air requirements.  So you don’t have to be worried about it’s production.  

Beautiful and super soft plush carpet cover it, making it extra snuggly for your kitties to enjoy.

And sisal cover all the support poles, turning them into nifty scratching posts.

This gives your kitty plenty of things to scratch and tack out their instinctual need to claw things.

And it comes in two different colors.  A lovely light grey color as seen in the pictures above.  Then there’s a smokey dark grey that is quite beautiful too.

So, no matter what your home’s colors are, there’s something here that will pretty easily fit in.

If this doesn’t quite fit the bill of what you are looking for, or perhaps you just want to see even more cool option, click here to see more tall cat trees for large cats.

And that’s this large cat tree with plush comfy carpet.  You can easily see why I recommend this for large cats, I think.  It’s tall enough for most any cat to really enjoy a good view, with large enough platforms for even big cats to enjoy.

But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be good for an apartment, since it’s a great size and shape to fit into a corner if you need it to.

It’s stable, comes in two great colors and is soft enough to make any kitten feel at home.  Materials are durable, but allow for this cat tree to be insanely affordable, especially for what it is.

I hope this really helped you on your cat tree journey!  Give your kitty some hugs for me!

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