Huge Cat Tree Playgym For Large Cats

Huge Cat Tree Playgym For Large Cats
WOW! Sisal & plus is glued to the ENTIRE pole or panel so your cats simply can’t pull it off. How cool is that?
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Have you ever seen anything like this huge cat tree playgym for large cats? It is truly a playground for all your kitties no matter what their size is.

It is the largest single piece of pet furniture that we have seen to date. It has a condo on the bottom, a bed on the top, four platforms, five jumbo sisal wrapped posts, and two enormous bed bowls for your kitties to romp on, relax on and sleep on.

Each Cat Hammock Will Hold Up To 44 Pounds!

This is seriously the ultimate cat tree for folks with large cats (though smaller cats will love it too). There is no way any house cat is going to tip this baby over so your kitties can get as wild as they want in total safety.

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Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. If you are looking for a big cat tree but maybe not a HUGE one we highly recommend you take a peek at this large cat tree with plush comfy carpet and you can always Click right here to see our favorite picks.

You must see this to believe it. Please click the image to read all the enthusiastic customer reviews for yourself. They are reporting that it is easy to assemble and is the “Sturdiest, Tallest, Best Tree Tower Castle EVER!”

We agree. It is rock solid and made with quality materials. You can’t go wrong with this huge cat tree playgym for large cats.

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