Huge Cat Scratching Post With Bed

Huge Cat Scratching Post With Bed
Wow! That’s a huge cat scratching post with bed on top.
So unique and AFFORDABLE!
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That’s one huge cat scratching post with bed on top isn’t it? Can’t you just see your big kitty climbing up that enormous sisal pole, perhaps at speed? Or snoozing on the plush cushion inside the spacious sleeper perched on the top of this thing?

Holds Up To 88 Pounds For Super Stable Kitty Fun!

This scratcher is really elegant in it’s simplicity. Essentially it’s just a pet bed on a pole, but ohhhh what a pole.

It’s truly ENORMOUS! If you have a large cat who likes to “stretch’n scratch” this pet furniture is just what the doctor ordered.

The sleeper is big enough for even the largest kitty to stretch out and snooze. And if you have multiple large cats (or a lot of little ones) there’s still plenty of space for cuddling up top.

(Click the image above to see lots of adorable customer photo’s of their cats doing just that.)

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The sheer size this of this piece is what catches the eye and in terms of function, sometimes less is more. We love the classic look and simple functionality of this pet furniture.

It will be a stunning, conversation starting, show piece in your home. But your cats will just love playing and sleeping on it.

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