Grey And Black Cat Tree With Tunnel

Super cute black and grey cat tree with tunnel. You won't believe how affordable it is!
Check out this super cute grey and black cat tree with tunnel.
You will not believe how affordable it is!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This black and grey cat tree with tunnel will really give your LARGE cats something to romp around on that WILL NOT tip over! Stability is right at the top of your list of things a cat tower must provide, right?

It has a large sturdy base and really wide posts covered in black sisal for lots of scratching fun. The super soft pads in both the condo box and the bed up top are removable so it’s easy for you to clean.

The entire unit is covered in delightfully sumptuous plush, not carpet. This makes for a softer, sleeker look and is super comfy for your kitty.

With a condo, hammock bowl, tunnel and bed it offers plenty of places for kitties to nap and play.

With three cat napping areas it’s plenty big enough if you have more than one kitty to keep happy.

When it comes to keeping your pet furniture in tip top shape this unit has you covered.

Note that the napping pads in both the condo on the bottom and the cat bed on the top are removable for easy cleaning (or replacing) as needed.

The unique color scheme of this cat tree is what speaks to us. All too often the only options available to you are beige or light brown.

I guess the folks who make cat furniture are trying to make their pieces so they’ll blend into almost any home decor. But it sure does get boring, doesn’t it?

Customers tell us that this cat tree is super easy to put together in just a few minutes and it’s really easy to keep clean, too. But if you prefer a cat tree that arrives at your door all in one piece check out these No Assembly Cat Trees.

If you are looking for a quality cat tree for large cats at a reasonable price and one that’s NOT a boring BEIGE you really can’t go wrong with this tower from Feandrea.

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