Five Level Half Tube Carpeted Cat Tree

Five Level Half Tube Carpeted Cat Tree - This super cool 72 inch cat tower has a bumpered bed on top and four half tube platforms braced between it's three solid wood supports. Won't Tip! Has room for lots of kitties to play even large cats!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

The coolness of this five level half tube carpeted cat tree really can’t be overstated. Cats love the little cradles the tubes make and their human slaves find them appealing as well.

This tower is a real skyscraper. It’s three solid wood posts soar up a full 72 inches making the cat bed at the pinnacle a truly luxurious penthouse. Especially once you take the carpet padded bumpers that surround it.

Arrives Fully Assembled!

Every inch of this cat tower is covered in super high quality household carpet. This means you don’t have any unsightly wood showing anywhere and your kitties don’t have any danger of getting splinters from their scratching, stretching and climbing.

As previously mentioned this unit has 3 solid wood posts. We bring it up again because we really don’t want you to miss that point. Especially if you are on a quest to find a cat tree for large cats stability is a huge issue.

This beauty is well made and STURDY!

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Another thing we love about this cat tree is the shape of the platforms. Except for the cat bed up on the top, all of them are “C” shaped or half pipes (as the skateboarders and snowboarders call them). Cats just love platforms like this.

We’re pretty sure it’s because they partially enclose them as they sit or rest on them. They have a bit of a “box” feel and you know how cats LOVE them some boxes, right?

We had a tower with one of these half pipe shelves for our kitty Lelu. It was her favorite spot to hang out. When she was younger she delighted in crouching down and spying on us (and her various siblings) while “hiding” in the hollow of the tube. Such fun!

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Last but not least you should know that this five level half tube carpeted cat tree is made right here in the USA and requires no assembly on your part. Yep, it arrives right at your door all in one piece! Just take it out of the box and enjoy!

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