Enormous Grey And Black Cat Mansion

Enormous Grey And Black Cat Mansion
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Got large cats? Check out this enormous grey and black cat mansion! There’s not a house cat on earth that can tip this baby over.

All of the platforms, bed boxes and nest baskets are completely covered (top and bottom) in high quality grey plush.

In fact every inch of wood is completely covered in plush. Even the bottom of the base is covered so your floors are protected.

Very Easy To Put Together!
Comes With Everything You Need

The extra thick scratching posts are completely covered in glue then wrapped in black sisal so no matter how large or aggressive a scratcher your kitty is they are NOT gonna be able to tear the rope off.

In a class of it’s own! It doesn’t matter of you have one large pampered kitty or a dozen, this cat tree is going to be a fabulous addition to your home for years to come. Honestly, you and your cats will be the envy of all your cat loving friends.

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The sheer size and quality of construction is what sold us on featuring this cat tree on our site.

The price tag is a little higher then the average pet furniture we usually offer-up but the value you get for your money make it a no-brainer. This cat tower will be in service for the lifetime of your kitty and probably beyond.

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