DIY Cat Tree Plans… “Winging It” Wastes Time And Money!

Cat lovers, don’t go it alone.  Diy cat tree plans make building cat furniture a breeze.  You do not have to stumble around in the dark because with some good instructions you never have to guess what you need or what to do next.

Not being too handy around the house I was a little worried about trying to build a cat tower by myself.  I mean, I know the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver and can use a saw without hurting myself but that’s about it.

So the idea of making one of those floor to ceiling cat towers with all the little cubbies and such was a little daunting.  But I just couldn’t afford to pay the prices for a custom piece of cat furniture and the cat trees in the pet stores were all wobbly and didn’t seem safe, much less attractive.

That Meant Letting My Kitties Go Without Or Figuring Out How To Make A Cat Tree Myself!

A little research showed me that with the right diy cat tree plans I could give my feline friends the coolest kitty playground imaginable.  Doing it myself meant it would look great in my home, be incredibly sturdy and cost a tiny fraction of the price of ready made or custom pet furniture.

Because I purchased some woodworking plans that had all the details already planed out for me, I was able to design a unique cat tree that exactly fits my kitties needs as well as the space limitations of my home.

I just printed out materials list and used it as a shopping list.  By taking it with me to my local home center I managed to get everything I needed in ONE trip.  That saved me a lot of time and gas.

By taking the part layout and cut diagram with me I was able to have the fellas in the lumber department make most of the cuts for me.  This was a relief because I wasn’t sure those log pieces of lumber would fit inside my car.  It also saved me a lot of time once I began construction.

Be Sure Your Cat Tree Plans Include…

  • Tons of Pictures & Diagrams
  • Complete Materials Lists
  • Tips on Purchasing Materials
  • Tools Needed – Build with Basic Tools
  • Part Layout and Cut Diagrams
  • Assembly Options

The step-by-step instructions with photos showed me what to do and reassured me I was doing this correctly at all times.  This freed me up to just move forward steadily forward instead of second guessing what I was doing.

So, if you are planning to build your own cat tree, whether you are an experienced diy pro or this is your first do-it-yourself project,  I highly recommend you get a set of diy cat tree plans.  They will make your life a LOT easier, saving you a ton of time and money.

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