DIY Cat Tree Plans: Use Them To Avoid Disaster And Save Your Relationship!

Do you think I’m nuts to say that?  How on earth could some DIY Cat Tree Plans make any difference in your relationships?

Just give me a moment and I’ll show you why a good set of plans when building cat furniture such as a cat tower, kitty condo, or tree is indispensable.

DIY plans are indispensable unless you want to end up with a 4×4 fence post with a bit of sisal rope looped around it in spots and a beer box stapled to the top, stuck in the corner of your living room.

If that’s the kind of decor you are into then stop reading right now this site isn’t for you.  And if you’re laughing because you think something that stupid can’t happen to you?  Read on a little and let’s find out…

Good Woodworking or DIY Cat Tree Plans Avoid Disasters

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

It’s Christmas Eve… Your husband has been assembling the kid’s new bike (feel free to substitute any boxed DIY project you like here, a cat tree perhaps?) for the last 2 hours.  He has now been trying to get the wheel on correctly for at least 20 minutes.  When asked what the instructions say.  The reply is.. “Who needs instructions. I know what I’m doing!”

Oh yes, that sounds familiar, but don’t think that has anything to do with cat trees!  Think again…  Just listen to this real-life story.

The furniture is being scratched up by the cats.  This family really needs a cat tree or scratching post.  After shopping for cat furniture online and at the local pet shop sticker shock sets in.  Hubby says not to worry about it, he’ll fix something for the cats.

The wife comes home from the grocery store to find a piece of carpet stapled to the wall (see real image above).  You tell me, is this a lovely unique cat tree or a pathetic eyesore?

Could DIY Cat Tree Plans have saved this situation?

DIY Cat Tree Advice For Ladies

Ladies, you know your husband will want to build your own cat tree.  Solving problems is in their nature.  It also makes them feel good to do things for you.  My advice is to let them BUT do not let a disaster like the one above happen to you and your lovely home.  Get some woodworking plans before the man in your life takes it upon himself to get creative and solve the problem on his own.

Planning ahead is key.  Find a set of modular cat condo plans that will allow your husband to get creative without having to “wing it.”  Remember, they need to be simple and easy to understand, even after 3-4 beers (ie Look for plans with  “Lots Of Pictures”)

Also, be sure he knows the model you want or at least the features you want to be included.  When you have modular plans he can mix and match… Really get creative and all will still go well.   If the plans are already here in the house and you’ve made a fuss about how “Cool” they are he’ll use them to humor you.

DIY Cat Tree Advice For Fellas

Hey guys!  Your wife (girlfriend or mother) doesn’t want a cobbled together eye-sore in her home.  If your over the age of 18 the fact that you made it yourself won’t make her want to put an ugly cat tree in the public spaces of her home.

Trust me on this…

Do yourself and the women in your life a favor and get yourself a good set of woodworking plans before you begin this project AND use them!

If you do, you will be the HERO who made a LOVELY cat tree that saved the cats, the furnishings, and tons of money!

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