Customizable Multi-Platform Cat Tree For Senior Cats

A customizable mult-platform cat tree for senior cats like this one can be just what the doctor (or vet) ordered.  This one is cheap and works well as a cat tree for large older cats as well.

Sometimes our older cats just need a little extra help and consideration when picking out cat furniture. his customizable multi-platform cat tree for senior cats can really help with that.

I know you want your cat to be able to get to all the places that they want. Even, and especially, when they feel a little more achy than they used to.  Arthritis is very common in older cats and is something that you should talk about with you vet, because there are ways to help minimize its effects.

Customizable Multi-Platform Cat Tree For Senior Cats Highlights and Details

It can manifest in your cat being hesitant to jump up places they used to easily get to. Maybe they just don’t go into their favorite window anymore.  Once you’ve consulted your vet (if you haven’t already) and have your marching orders, an extra easy way to help them is a cat tree like this one (or something similar!).

Sometimes a cat tree can give your cat that little bit of help that they need, providing that it’s built right.

Since this one is customizable you have more say in the matter and can better fit the needs of your cat and your home.

You adjust this cat tree when you assemble it, the bottom plates move and you can set it up in a plethora of different configurations.  So, if you need something a little more specific, you might be able to get that with this. It’s certainly worth checking out.

This particular cat tree has multiple platforms to give your cat plenty of places to lounge. And they create an easy path to the cozy bed at the top.

The steps are spaced so that your cat doesn’t have to make any big jumps in order to climb it.

A comfy cat condo waits on the second level for your cat to hide away and snuggle up in as well.

When the world gets a bit much, it’ll be a great place to go and get away from the world without them going and hiding away under the bed.

It’s 44” tall at its highest point, making it a good height without being ridiculously tall.  This lets your cat happily get up high to observe the world around them without worrying.

There’s also a super cozy cat hammock for them to snuggle up in. Just in case they aren’t wanting to be on the top bed.

Another good thing about this cat tree is that because it has so many platforms and places to lay or play. It’s great for when you have multiple cats.  They all can have their own space on the cat tree, whether they are older or just young catlings. 

This cat tree is from Feandrea. They make cat trees that work very well for large cats, and this one is no exception.  All the platforms are large enough for even a big cat to enjoy while being able to handle their weight.  

So, if you have a large older cat, this is definitely an excellent tree to think about.

If your cat is a scratcher, this cat tree has quite a few scratching posts for your kitty. They provide and excellent place to take out their frustrations and sharpen their claws on.  They are varying lengths, so your feline overlord has their choice of where they want to do it.

These scratching posts double as the supports for the cat tree, and they are 4” in diameter.  That’s a bit larger and more substantial than your average piece of cat furniture. This just adds to the stability and its ability to handle larger cats.

If you want to check out more than just this cat tree, we have some other cat trees for older cats to see over here. And if you’ve got more than one feline friend sharing your space, this one in particular is excellent for multi-cat families.  So, if you need something else specific, like if you live in an apartment or want something without carpet, you’ll find something there that’s still safe for senior cats.

I hope this was helpful in the hunt for the perfect cat tree for your kitty.  It doesn’t matter how old they are, I know you just want to make them feel happy, comfortable and loved.  And one that note, please give them a hug from us here and have a great day.

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