Curved Mahogany Cat Shelf With Replaceable Carpet

Curved Mahogany Cat Shelf With Replaceable Carpet - Looking for the best shelving for cats?  This wall mounted cat perch has real CLASS! Great for large cats & small spaces.
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So, this curved mahogany cat shelf with replaceable carpet has a really great, classic style to it. It’s refined and the mahogany finish is really something, it just gives it that little extra oomph.

I really like the finish on this particular cat shelf, it’s got a classic look to it that I feel a lot of cat furniture lacks.

Not that I dislike it’s carpeted brethren! But sometimes they just won’t fit in if you have a more specific aesthetic in your home. This perch is curved enough to make a nice cozy bowl for your kitty to snuggle in.

It has replaceable berber carpet. So when you’re cat has finally scratched it to smithereens you know you can fix up their favorite spot. It’ll also be cheaper than buying a whole new shelf!

I think this would be a great piece to get if you are looking for something that could blend into your decor and bring everything together. It’s interesting without screaming “look at me!” It’s elegant.

It really makes it so that you don’t have to compromise on looks in order to give your cat a really cool place to romp.

It has a sibling as well. A slightly larger but similarly styled cat shelf called the Lotus Branch. So if you’re wanting to make a complete play area, the people who made this have you covered.

If you wanna read more about that, you can check that out here! Or click the link above to just go straight to it and read all the reviews and specs for yourself.

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This cat shelf is what I’d go for if I was looking for something that could be a conversation piece without being loud and in your face.

I really like that about it. It’s well made, sturdy and with the replaceable carpet you don’t have to buy a whole new cat perch when your cat inevitably destroys it. That’s always a plus in my book.

I really hope you liked this cat shelf and that I was able to provide you the information you needed to know whether it was right for you or not. If this isn’t the shelf for you here are a few of our cat shelf favorite brands to look at (and yes, the Refined Feline is included)!

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