Cheap Elevated Cat Hammock For Large Cats

This cheap elevated cat hammock for large cats can help you catify your space!  Affordable cat hammock, cat tree, cat furniture.

It can be expensive to catify your space, especially with a big cat around, but this cheap elevated cat hammock for large cats makes it super affordable to give your kitty something for themselves.

As cat owners, we know the importance of giving our feline overlords the space they need to climb, claw and sleep. Especially if we want to keep their claws off our furniture.

But, with bigger cats it can be more of a “thing”, because we don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money but the cat tree has to be stable enough to handle a 15-20 lbs cat jumping on it.

This cat tree/hammock combo is a great place to look if you are wanting a simple yet affordable design for your cat to lounge on.

A cat hammock is suspended between two support posts, which are covered in natural jute fiber rope (to make them into scratching posts!).

The hammock itself as well as the base of this cat tree are plush, dark grey almost black carpet, it’s super soft and snuggly. Which, in the end is what we want since our kitties will be sleeping here!

It’s 19.7″ tall, so it’s not very large. If you have an older cat who can’t jump as high as they used to, this would be an excellent option. It’s base is 15.8″ x 15.8″, which is a good size to keep it nice and stable, even if you have younger cats romping around on and around it.

One person noted that they had been concerned about this cat hammock being a bit small, but once they got it home and assembled, their two (average sized cats) could both happily sleep in the hammock together, so you know it’ll be just find for a larger cat as well.

So, to sum up, this cheap elevated cat hammock for large cats is a very affordable small cat tree with a hammock. It’s got plush carpet and it’s support posts have been turned into scratching posts.

If this isn’t quite what you are looking for, we have even more affordable cat trees to see over here! And we especially like this all wood cat tree for large cats.

I hope this was helpful and that you and your lovely feline have found what you are looking for, have a lovely day.

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