Cool Cat Tree Plans Don’t Work

Cool cat tree plans don’t work for you if you don’t follow thru and USE them! Folks ask me all the time if getting a set of cat furniture plans will really make sure they build a tower, condo or tree that’s unique and fits with their décor. And I’ll tell you what I always … Read more

Large Cat Tree

Large Cat Tree If you have multiple cats you’ll be wanting a large cat tree so they all have room to play without getting in each others way. The good news is that getting your cats what they need to stay active and healthy doesn’t need to break the bank.  Your least expensive and most … Read more

Outdoor Cat Tree

Outdoor Cat Tree An outdoor cat tree or cat tree house needs to be able to stand up to both your kitties and the elements. Build Your Own Outdoor Cat Tree With The Help Of Our Favorite Plans! That means it should be made of sturdy wood or other non porous material with no carpet … Read more

Tall Cat Trees

Our Best SellingTall Cat Tree Tall cat trees are the first thing people usually think of when they think of cat furniture. They are just the quintessential image of pet furniture everyone has.  And let’s face it.  They’re cool!  And very functional too. Want To Build Your Own Tall Cat Trees? You’ll Save Money, Time … Read more

Cat Climbing Trees

Cat Climbing Trees That Look Like Trees Indoor cat climbing trees are one of the best ways to give an indoor kitty the exercise he or she needs to stay in great shape. When a cat has a place it is free can exercise and explore it allows them to release some of their pent … Read more