Cat Trees, Carpet And Thinking Outside The Box

Brand new plush or shag carpet aren’t the only options for building cat trees.  In fact, you don’t have to use carpet at all if you don’t want to.

It always surprises me that folks don’t think outside the box more when they opt to build their own cat furniture.

I mean, that’s the beauty of doing it yourself, right?  YOU are in total control of design and materials.

If you want the most expensive purple shag then blingtastic purple shag it is.  If you want to build a cat tree house like this one here for both your cats and your kids to play in, you can!

Let me be crystal clear.  You don’t have to cover your cat furniture in carpet.

BUT if you like carpet but would rather keep costs low there are tons of options to do that as well.

First, you can NOT BE IN A HURRY!

If you take your time and snoop around you probably can still build a cat tree doll house like this one.  In full neon blue and pink premium carpet for WAY CHEAP or even FREE!

But you have to scope out your options first.  You see, many carpet sellers/installation companies toss out carpet scraps that would suit your needs perfectly.

If you ask them nicely often times they will sell to you dirt cheap or even give you what to them are just the unsellable scraps left over from a job.

Now if you want specific colors, you may have to wait a while and keep checking with them or with many different companies.

But if you are not choosy about color or style, you can probably find enough such carpet to suit your needs on just about any given day of the week.

But this isn’t the only source of cheap or low cost carpet to build your cat trees with.

Other Cheap Carpet Options For Your Cat Tree

Dollar stores… often have regular carpet cut and bound into doormat size hunks.  These can easily be used on cat trees.  One of the dollar stores in our area has these off and on all year.

Thrift Stores… not all thrift stores are created equal but it’s a good idea to scout them out for worn but useful rugs and carpets.

Yard Sales… you never know what you’ll find at a yard or garage sale.  I was at one last year that had several room size pieces of carpet they had purchased as remnants but opted not to install.  Because they’d been rolled up so long it would have been hard to use them in a room but they were prefect for cat trees.

Runners… even right off the roll at a big box hardware store runner carpet is a HUGELY OVERLOOKED covering for cat furniture.  It’s thin enough to be easy worked with and often is a fraction of the price of wall to wall carpet.  It comes in a wide variety of textures and colors at a reasonable price.

Throw rugs… I love throw rugs as a material for covering cat trees.  They come in a rainbow of colors and textures.  Are very pliable, which makes them much easier to work with.  They are inexpensive, especially if you find them at a discount store like “Big Lots” or similar.

An added bonus to using throw rugs to cover your cat furniture is this.  It’s so easy to work with and inexpensive that when it’s worn or you’re just plain tired of it, you don’t mind replacing it.

Just remember… your friends don’t need to know how easy and cheap it is to keep changing up your cat’s playground!  Let them be amazed at how you spoil your cats 🙂

So, stop sitting on the fence.  Get yourself some cat tree plans (ours or someone elses if you like them better)  and start building something AMAZING for your feline friends to romp and play on!