The Best Cat Tree For Older Cats

Elderly cats need a little bit more TLC, which is why it’s so important to find them a cat tree for older cats.  Achy joints and your cat not having as much energy as they used to have can make it harder for your cat to get up to their favorite perches.

It’s only natural to make it easier for them to get up to the places they love.  When our cat Lelu started getting older and couldn’t make it up the leap to her window, we made a great big staircase for her up to it.  

Whether you want to get a cat tree for them to help them up to their favorite places or just want them to have a new cozy spot of their own, I’ve tried to track down the best cat trees I could for older cats.

I kept in mind the distance between the platforms to minimize the need for jumping. When they don’t want to make the leap that go around, as well as the steepness of the incline to go up and down.  Some cat trees are easy to go up, but the down becomes a problem when the steps go up sharply. 

With all that in mind, I think you’ll see why the cat tree we are about to talk about is our top pick.

Top Pick: Feandrea Adjustable Cat Tree

Our Top Pick, Feandreas Adjustable Cat Tree.  It's a great cat tree for older cats, with steps spaced well that a senior cat shouldn't have a problem climbing to the top.

First on the list is our top pick, an adjustable cat tree from Feandrea.  It’s plush, has scratching posts for your cat to use to their heart’s content. Platforms that are spaced well enough that your cat doesn’t need to make any giant leaps to get onto and plenty of snuggle spots.

It has five platforms if you count the hammock, for your cat to enjoy and lounge on.  This also makes this cat tree not only ideal for older and elderly cats, but for multiple cats.  So that if they don’t love snuggling all the time (or sometimes at all) they won’t be fighting to have a spot on the cat tree.

The second level has a cozy cat condo for your kitty to snuggle up in, just in case they enjoy having their own private space to stow away in.

It’s easy to get to and a great place for them to cuddle up when they need a break from watching the birds flit by. We all know that’s hard work.

Another reason this cat tree is the top pick and the one we think is the best cat tree for older cats is that it’s good for cats of all sizes.  It can withstand small and large cats alike doing whatever they like to do.

Okay, now let’s get into what is probably the coolest feature of this cat tree.  It’s adjustable. The bottom base plates of the cat tree move and swivel around. So you can set up this cat tree to be whatever you and your cat need.

It has multiple possible configurations, so if your cat needs things to be a bit closer together, you can do that. If you need to fit it into a specific space, pick the configuration that works best for you.

And, as far as size goes, this cat tree isn’t absolutely gigantic, but it’s not teeny either.  It’s 44” tall, so definitely tall enough to get your cat up to their favorite window.

When it’s base plates are pushed together, it’s base is 27” x 23”.  The posts are 4” in diameter, which is a bit thicker than most other cat trees, making it just that little bit more sturdy.

Runner Up: Feandrea’s Rustic Vintage Cat Tree

The Runner Up:  Feandrea's rustic vintage cat tree.  It's a well designed cat tree for senior cats, it's steps are spaced well for easy mobility and it has cozy spots to lay, all while still looking stylish.

Our runner up is also from Feandrea.  They are one of our favorite cat furniture manufacturers, actually.  This cat tree is a prime example of why. It’s stylish, sturdy, built for large and small cats alike while also being a great pick for senior cats.

It has three levels, each being within easy climbing range of eachother so that your cat doesn’t have to go leaping in order to get to the top.  The first step is that tallest one, being 14”. And it’s only that tall because it also happens to double as a cozy cat condo.

The second step is only 11” and the last step up to the comfy top perch is 9”.  These dimensions should help give you an idea of what you’ll be working with, and if you think these are optimal heights for your cat to be walking up.  

Along with being accessible for a senior feline, this cat tree is beautiful.  It’ll be a lovely conversation piece in a home instead of just “the cat tree”.  Because it doesn’t have any carpet, it’s super easy to clean as well.

You can remove the bedding pieces and comfy mats from the various levels of the cat tree easily, since they attach via velcro. This lets you quickly toss ‘em in the wash whenever they need a deep clean.  

This cat tree from Feandrea is a lovely piece of furniture to include in your home.  It's also perfect for older cats and large cats.  Or large older cats.

This cat tree is 34” tall as well, so it’s not quite as tall as our top pick, but it’s still got a decent amount of height without being towering.

One of the other cool features this cat tree has is a central cat scratching post that spans just about the entire 34”’s.

This means your cat can scratch and get a really good stretch at the same time, as they tend to enjoy doing.  Which is actually really good for your cat, no matter their age.

Budget Pick: New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch

Our Budget Pick: New Cat Condos Large Play Perch Cat Tree.  This is a solid wood cat tree built for large and older cats.

Okay, here’s our budget pick.  If you want to give your senior cat a place to explore and climb that’s easy on their joints, I’d definitely recommend this cat tree.  It’s super sturdy, inexpensive and easy to climb.

This is a small but strong cat tree from New Cat Condos.  It’s made from solid wood, household grade carpet and unoiled sisal for your cats to scratch on.  

Another perk of this particular piece of cat furniture is that it’s handcrafted right in the U.S.A and it comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

You don’t have to do any building, so there’s no fighting with any instructions.

If you have a large older cat, this cat tree is something that should be on your radar.  Since it’s made from solid wood, it is incredibly strong, and the platforms are large enough to let even big cats enjoy lounging.

It won’t wobble, so it shouldn’t worry you or your cat as they are making their way to the top.  I don’t think that even a large Maine Coon could topple it when they are roughhousing.

Which is 32” high.  It’s not very tall, but you still don’t want to worry about any teetering. Especially if you are trying to make life easier for your kitty!

This cat tree is the most inexpensive option here (not that any of these are an outrageous price), but it doesn’t sacrifice quality for a cheaper build.

For Apartments: PetPals Paper Rope Natural Bowl

Our Apartment Pick: PetPals Paper Rope Natural Bed.  It's a great cat tree for apartment dwellers with older and senior cats.

If you are in an apartment and don’t have a lot of floorspace, but you still want to indulge your cats need to climb and snuggle up a little higher up I would recommend this.  It’s a lovely design, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb either.

It’s got an almost wicker-like appearance because it’s made with durable paper rope. A cool material that’s been used to make furniture for ages.  The soft, cozy cushions inside the two bowl-like beds are made from soft fleece.

One of the big reasons I decided to use this as our apartment pick for older cats is how easy it is for your cat to get to the tippy top.  It has two beds for your cat to lay in, and both are very easy to get to. 

But, the tippy top isn’t so high up that you have to worry if your cat is a little woobly.

It’s only 23” tall, so it’s not towering. It’ll get them up to their favorite sunny spot without you having to worry about them.

And every part of this cat tree is usable as a cozy spot for your cat.  The lowest step is actually a super comfy and sizable bowl-shaped bed. And each bed is supported by a post covered in sisal. So if your older kitty feels the need to get some scratching done they will be there.

Large cats can enjoy this cat tree too, the beds are big enough to accommodate most big kitties.  So you can rest easy knowing that if you have a Maine Coon they’ll also fit right in with this cat tree.

This wicker cat tree for senior cats is great for apartments.

Easy to clean, just a lint roller or your vacuum is all that’s really needed at the end of the day.

Couldn’t Leave It Off: New Cat Condos Cat Play Tree

And the one we Couldn't Leave Out: New Cat Condos Play Tree.  It's a cat tree that looks like a tree, is covered in carpet and is built perfectly so that an older cat can easily climb to the top.

Okay, so last but not least is this amazing tree themed carpeted cat … tree.  I had to include it because it’s steps are spaced well for an older cat to climb.  Made from solid wood, it’s strong, sturdy and stable.  

There was no way I couldn’t show you guys this.

New Cat Condos made this piece of cat furniture as well, and it’s just as strong and sturdy as our budget friendly cat tree.  It’s also a great cat tree for older cats. It’s steps are staggered at the perfect height for your cat to easily scale this.

The first step is only 8” up, the second is 7” and third is 10”.  So, it’s an easy climb. If you’re worried and trying to make life a little easier for your fluffy feline friend, this is a pretty surefire way to do it.

It’s 32” tall in total, meaning that this could easily sit in front of your cats favorite window. So that they’d have a great spot to watch the birds from.  

Like the other New Cat Condos cat tree we talked about today, this one also comes fully assembled. You don’t have to fight with it when it comes time to put it up.  You just pull it out of the box and set it where you want it.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A and made from solid wood and house grade carpet.  And it’s made to look like an actual tree! Which is one of the reasons I couldn’t leave this off our list today of best cat trees for older cats.

And those are our top recommended cat trees for older cats.  They all have steps that make the lounge areas easy to access, cozy spots to snuggle and sturdy construction.  I really hope this helped you find just the right cat tree for your older kitty. 

I know it can be hard to find just the right thing. Especially when you are wanting to give your cat just a little extra help around.  Give them some love for us here at Cool Cat Trees!

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