Functional And Cool Cat Shelves For Window Sills

Cat shelves for window sills can be a great way to give your cat their coveted spot in the window without investing in a whole cat tree.

I wish I had known about cat shelves for window sills a long time ago. I had a cat, Lelu, who would do just about anything to get into a window (or outside, but that’s another story).

There have been plant casualties in her great quest to sit there. As well as a knick knack shelf full of spun glass (that was a mess).

It’s not like I didn’t want her to have a spot there! But space is at a premium sometimes and I wasn’t sure how to make her a cozy place! But, with a cat shelf like this that just hangs on the glass itself, it makes bird watching possible for your kitty.

In A Hurry? Here’s one of our favorites!

So, when I went looking for these I was trying to keep in mind space, price and if I thought a cat would actually enjoy them. I think everyone who has had a cat can understand how finicky they can be sometimes.

Grey Micro-Suede Window Cat Hammock

Super cute, grey micro-suede window cat hammock made of industrial strength pvc so it's great for large cats.  Love it!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This is the first in our list of cat shelves for window sills because it’s one of the simplest designs and has very little impact on the space and decor of your home.

Super cute, grey micro-suede window cat hammock made of industrial strength pvc so it's great for large cats.  Love it!

It has super strong suction cups that let this stick to and hang from your windows, providing your cat with a soft cushy spot to snuggle up and hang out.

It has strong rubber protected steel cables connecting the top suction cups to the platform where your cat can perch and it’s base is made of industrial strength PVC piping.

As you can see it’s a pretty sturdy and cute hammock design as well, sure to be cozy for whichever cat claims it first.

The only problem I saw someone have was that one of the little clips that comes with the suede fabric for the hammock was lost somewhere in transit, but the customer also noted that it didn’t seem to impact the effectiveness or hardiness of the product.

I picked this one out as this seemed to be one of the strongest I’d seen of this particular design. It looks nice, isn’t really expensive and has a soft place for your cat to nestle into.

Wireless Large Cat Window Perch

When it comes to cat shelves for window sills this "Wireless large cat window perch" takes the cake.  Super cool!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This window sill cat perch is basically a … reversed version of the previous one. It’s also a sort of hammock design as well! The creators of this rate it for up to 80 pounds, and if you were worried about the wires in the previous perch this one will be far more appealing.

It really is sturdily constructed, I’ve seen a 25 pound Maine Coon perched on this shelf.

If you are considering this window cat shelf, make sure to measure your windows to make sure it will fit. Your window needs to be at least 24 inches wide in order to fit this.

Leopard Print Window Mounted Cat Bed

Leopard print window mounted cat bed.  'Nuff said.
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

How could I resist featuring this window sill cat shelf? Honestly, it’s just so extra, I love it. How could you not with a wild leopard print like that?

This is basically a cat bed you can mount on the bottom lip of your window, letting you extend it safely out so that your cat has a place to lay. And it has a funky print with stylish wooden supports that rest against the wall.

It supports up to 35 pounds, so most cats are going to be just fine hopping up and laying there. The only thing to note is that you really need at least 3 inches of window sill in order to install this particular cat perch.

Enclosed Window Mounted Cat Pod

An enclosed window mounted cat pod.  I'm not sure how I didn't know about kitty pods sooner, but these are way to cool!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Window sill cat pod. How much cooler can you get? It’s sleek, tough and uses powerful suction cups to attach itself to your window.

An enclosed window mounted cat pod.  I'm not sure how I didn't know about kitty pods sooner, but these are way to cool!

An enclosed space for your cat to wallow in the sun, this seems like a perfect place for your kitty to sun themselves.

It comes in the above, lovely tan color and a really pretty green color as well (seen on the left).

I haven’t seen any problems with the suction cups coming off from anyone, but I have noticed a few people found their cats had trouble turning around in the space.

You should know that this seems to be cat specific rather than an overall size problem, since one person with a 12 pound cat found that their cat loved it while another person with a 12 pound cat couldn’t get them to go in and turn around in it.

With that said, if you have a problem but still really want this, I saw several people who ended up cutting an opening in the top of this pod and it fixed all their problems.

Car Safe Window Mounted Cat Lounger

I've seen this car safe window mounted cat lounger around before and I got super excited.  It's just to cool and really makes me want an adventure cat.
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

If you like the cat pod but think your cat might be one of the kitties who won’t turn around in it, there’s always this wonderful lounger. It’s in the same sleek and sturdy style but the top is wide and open!

Industrial strength suction cups and made from a material that is designed to hold and maintain body heat from your cat. It checks a lot of boxes I had when I was looking for cat shelves for window sills,

  • It’s easy to install
  • Fairly priced
  • Durable
  • Holds more than 20 pounds

I’ve even seen some people put these in their cars for when they travel with their cat. Now, that will only work if your cat enjoys travel but if they do, it’s an awesome solution that could let your cat hang out while you go.

A few people did note that the bed was a little narrow, but even still their cats seemed to enjoy it. But if you have a kitty who isn’t into snug spaces, maybe consider a different perch.

Double Decker Window Sill Hanging Cat Cubby

A double decker window sill hanging cat cubby.  A cat cubby!  In a window!  C'mon, that's just so spiffy.

I feel like this two tier window cat shelf will really shine in homes with more than one cat. Not that one cat can’t enjoy it and the almost cat tree like variety it brings, but with a double decker like this your cats won’t be fighting over the window spot!

It’s rated for up to 55 pounds, which is great if you’re going to have two kitties or more up there!

Something I really enjoy about this particular cat perch is how it’s basically a little kitty window cubby, creating a safe space for them to be either up top or “inside” the perch, which some cats really value!

The only problem people seemed to have with this window sill perch is that it wasn’t the simplest to assemble, the instructions are can be kind of confusing.

Well, that’s it for this compilation of cat shelves for window sills. I hope I was able to make your search for just the right one at least a little easier. I wasn’t really expecting to find as many actually functional cat shelves as I did.

If these didn’t quite float your boat though, I understand! There are more out there and if you’d like to see more, head on over here!

Have a good one and give your kitties a hug for me!

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