Cat House Plans… Your Secret Weapon To Save Money When You Build A Cat Tree

Cat house plans… do you need them? Let’s find out… Do your cats scratch up your furniture and climb things they shouldn’t? If they do, then you need to build a cat tree and to do that you’re gonna need plans.

A Lot Of DIY Novices Think They Don’t Need Cat House Plans To Build Cool Wooden Cat Furniture!

They think that by “winging-it” they’ll save a few extra penny’s. Sadly these folks end up wasting a lot of time, energy and money. In the end they usually make a mess then end up buying the plans they should have bought in the first place and starting over.

For example, one fellow I know insisted he didn’t need cat tree plans to build something for his cats to play on. He proceeded to wrapped some sisal rope around a fence post, bolted it to the wall and stapled a beer box to the top. He was very proud of this structure… until his wife came home!

Yes, you can imagine the scene can’t you? Shortly thereafter he built a lovely cat tower for their kitties using the plans his wife so thoughtfully provided for him.

Using cat house plans makes building a cat tree quite easy. The step-by-step instructions, hundreds of photos and diagrams make sure you know exactly what to do and when to do it. The parts list doubles as a shopping list making sure you get everything you need and nothing extra. When was the last time you went to the store and came home with EVERYTHING you needed for a project in that one trip?

And don’t let the materials intimidate you either. Your plans will give you tips on where to get them at the best price. There will even be ideas on where to get some of them for free.

Here’s a tip for you… Take your “Materials Cut Out Diagram” with you to the home center and make use of the FREE (or very low cost) cuts that come with most lumber or pvc purchases. Get them to make the major cuts for you. This reduces your work and makes it easy to fit the materials into even the smallest vehicle.

Ok, So What’s The Moral Of This Cat Tree Story?

Work Smarter Not Harder!

Using cat house plans to build the kitty playground of your dreams makes this easy as pie. Don’t put up with your cats scratching your furniture any longer. Build a cat tree today… the smart way!

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