Carpeted Cat Trees For Large Cats

Carpeted Cat Trees For Large Cats

If you are looking for carpeted cat trees for large cats you are going to really going to be happy you stopped by today. We don’t have to tell you how important it is for your big kitty to have a place to play and romp SAFELY!

Each and every one of the following pieces of pet furniture are large, super sturdy, rugged and designed with your super sized feline friends in mind.

We’ve assembled a variety of unique shapes and sizes to get your creative juices flowing.

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What’s even more exciting is most of these pieces come in a multitude of colors and many have variants that are either taller, shorter, wider, etc.

So be sure to click the image of the tower you like and see what other options or extra features may be available.

Triple Tunnel Carpeted Cat Tree

Carpeted Cat Trees For Large Cats
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Isn’t this a cool cat tree? The only thing better than a cat tree with a tunnel is one with THREE tunnels! What cat is going to be able to resist hiding in one of these cozy tubes?

This beauty features a really stable base with two solid wood posts and three large, completely carpet covered tubes stacked up in the center. WAY up on top is a fabulously spacious cat bed.

FIVE Different Color Choices.
No Assembly Required!

The extra large 20″x20″ perch or bed on top is designed for really large cats to be able to stretch out and lounge to their hearts content.

Now, if you have a few smaller cats they will be more than happy to suck up the space too!

Happy customers are calling it “Superb”, “A Big Hit!” and “Awesome!” In fact, we haven’t heard anyone who’s purchased this cat tree say a bad word about it. Click the image above to read what they have to say for yourself.

Multi Level Carpeted Cat Tree Pagoda

Carpeted Cat Trees For Large Cats
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Next up you have a Japanese inspired pagoda cat tree. It’s a medium sized cat tree coming in at 46 inches tall. Not only will your large cats love this it will really stand out and be a conversation starter in your home.

Ready To Use Right Out Of The Box!

It features three solid wood posts completely covered in household quality carpet. The two curved shelves make great snuggling or play spots.

Notice the slanted ramp that’s partially wrapped in unoiled sisal rope. Many cats enjoy sharpening their claws on that.

Up on the top is the whimsical “Pagoda” cat condo. Can’t you just imagine your kitty surveying his kingdom from within that cozy space?

Huge Cat Tree Playground For Large Cats

Carpeted Cat Trees For Large Cats
The cat hammocks on this cat furniture have been tested safe for up to 44 pounds!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This has got to be the king of carpeted cat trees for large cats! It’s 72 inches tall. The base is 47 inches by 24 inches. All together it weighs 143 pounds. No matter how big your cat or herd of cats is they are not going to be able to tip this baby over! No Way!

Shockingly Affordable!

To quote one happy customer, this is the “Sturdiest, tallest, best tree tower castle ever!” This particular person has several large cats and a German Shepard who love to play chase. When her big kitties hit this thing at a run, it doesn’t even budge!

If you have big cats, or lots of cats you can’t go wrong with this huge cat tree.

Buy once and have it sturdy, strong and looking good in your home for years to come no matter how your cats torture it.

Short Cat Tree Scratcher For Large Cats

Carpeted Cat Trees For Large Cats
Hand made here in the USA! Comes fully assembled right out of the box.
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Not all cat trees need to soar to the ceiling to be fun and functional. Sometimes kitties, even large ones, just wanna hang out in the sun and look out the window. This unit allows them to do that in sturdy, stable style.

“Sturdy Beyond Any Cats Needs”

The lower shelves make it easy to climb for older, obese or injured cats. It also can work well in conjunction with a taller cat tree if you are wanting to create a true cat playground in your home for your feline friends.

If you are looking for a sturdy cat tree that’s the right size for kitties to look out the window or (as one happy customer tells us) to watch their fishy friends in the fish tank you simply can’t go wrong with this cat perch.

Tall Carpeted Cat Tree For Large Cats

Carpeted Cat Trees For Large Cats
There are some really GREAT pictures of kitties enjoying this cat tree over on Amazon. Click the image if you’d like to see them!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

You are going to go crazy when you see this unique cat tree. We sure did. It’s got platforms and cubbies and tubes in all kinds of interesting and fun places. Cat’s just adore it.

Made From Solid Wood! Ships In One Piece!

This baby is 71 inches of solid, stable fun for your large cats. Customers tell us, even with several cats up high on this unit, it just does not tip! Guess that’s what solid wood construction does for you.

Like all cat trees made by “New Cat Condos” this tall unit ships in one piece so there’s no assembly needed. How cool is that?

Honestly, we don’t know how they can sell this cat tree so inexpensively, ship it in one piece and NOT charge you for shipping.

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Being owned by a large cat or three brings on some very interesting and challenges. Like finding pet furniture that’s safe for them to play on. We hope you’ll agree that these are some really amazing, sturdy and unique carpeted cat trees for large cats.

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