Budget Friendly Carpeted Cat Tree With Scratching Posts

Well, if you are on the lookout for a great budget friendly carpeted cat tree with scratching posts, look no further.  This cat scratching tree has a lot of cool features going for it. It’s a great height, not too tall but not overly short either.  It has tons of areas for your cat to scratch and multiple platforms for them to lounge on.

This cat tree has a more traditional look to it as it’s covered in carpet.  This will give your feline friends more and more places to scratch though, and super cozy places to lay around and enjoy themselves.

The platforms are made from MDF, otherwise known as medium density fibreboard.  This is a material often used when making furniture and similar household items.  This helps the cat tree to be pretty strong while keeping it budget friendly.  

It has rounded corners for safety, both for your cats and anyone else in the house.  I can’t count how many times I’ve run into the edge of the desk and ended up with a bruised hip.

That’s never a good thing, so this helps keep one more piece of cat furniture from attacking you and your family.

A budget friendly cat tree like this is also really good if you have multiple cats, having all the different platforms can help reduce kitty conflict, giving your cats each a place of their own or they can just get up high and off the floor when they need their space.  We all need to get away from our siblings sometimes. 

Each supporting post doubles as a jute rope scratching post, making for a count of seven total cat scratching posts for your cat overlord to enjoy.  And potentially save your furniture from their wrath.

Okay, so I know that cats just need to scratch, it’s instinct, they were built for it.  It’s good for mental and physical health, it lets them stretch and remove the dead outer layers for their claws.  But it still feels like they are dispensing their wrath sometimes.

The scratch poles all come together to support the rounded bowl shaped cat bed at the top of this 45” tall cat tree.  It sits at the very tippy top for your cat to enjoy as they reign supreme over their domain. Or maybe they just like watching the birds outside.

A rounded cat bed sits at the top of this cat tree.

One thing of note is that this cat tree might not be great for large cats.  I think it’d be fine for cats 15 lbs and under, so more average and small cats might have a better time.  The platforms just might be a bit on the small side for big cats and I wouldn’t want your cat to be unable to fully enjoy their new tree.

If you are looking for other, sturdier or larger cat scratching trees I might suggest going and looking over here.  I’ve compiled a list of other great options for trees that will be perfect for a cat who has a real need to scratch, and will be far more large cat friendly.

And if you really need to keep on the cheap side of things, I’d recommend going over here and checking out this.  It’s only a little bit more than this one and will accommodate a much bigger cat.

All that said, if you have smaller or average sized cats and you are looking for a cat tree on a budget, this is still a great option.  I think it will get you a lot of cat love and help your cat stay healthy and happy.

It’s very easy to assemble, it’s a screw-together assembly process.  It comes with instructions and any additional tools you may need when you go to put it together.

I haven’t found there to be any problem when it comes to getting this thing together, even with your cats trying to help you.  Which you know they will, undoubtedly at least “supervise” you.

As a cat owner, I know it can be hard sometimes to balance your cats needs and your budget, especially when you start looking into cat furniture for them.  That’s why I hope this was helpful and perhaps what you were on the lookout for, or I have at least managed to point you in the right direction.

? Psst! This small cat tree from New Cat Condos is also really friendly on your budget and BONUS it requires absolutely no assembly. Yup, it arrives at your door all in one piece.

To summarize cat tree is tall enough without being over the top, it’s carpeted and has 7 whole scratching posts all along the length of it, multiple platforms for your cats to lounge on and a top bed to enjoy.  And it’s a very affordable price which you can check here (and by clicking on the other links and pictures on this page). I hope you have a great day!

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