Best Cat Tree For Large Cats 2024

Large cat on a cat tree.

Lots of you ask us “what’s the best cat tree for large cats”? Over the years the specific cat furniture or manufactures we recommend have changed but the essentials you are looking for have stayed the same.

If you have a big kitty what you need is a piece of pet furniture that will support the weight of your feline friends while napping and such and won’t tip over when they LEAP onto it.

And leap onto it they will, and at speed too!

So what you are looking for is cat furniture with a wide stable base and has super strong supports.

Also be mindful of how all the pieces of your pet tower connect together. Connections need to be strong or it won’t matter how sturdy the post or platform is.

Over the last year we’ve found some amazing new products that meet the above critera and are super excited to share them with you.

In addition, all the cat trees featured here have great reviews on Amazon and are made with superior plush and are easy to assemble once you get them into your home.

Large Extra Sturdy Beige Cat Tree Condo

We love this cat tree for several reasons. It is SOLID and STURDY. Even the biggest of cats isn’t going to be able to tip this baby over even if they hit it at a full run.

And just look at those kitty bed bowls! To heck with the cats, don’t they make you want to curl up in one for a nap? It also hits the Goldilocks zone for height. Not too tall and not too short.

Grey And Black Cat Tree With Tunnel

Feandrea makes some lovely and unusual cat trees. The grey and black color scheme of this one sets it apart from all of the run of the mill kitty condos you find today.

The cat baskets can hold up to 33 pounds so even really tubby kitties will be able to snooze safely in them. The plush is super soft earning its place here among the best cat tree for large cats contenders. 

Customers report that this unit simply DOES NOT WOBBLE no matter how their cats romp on it. You should also know that the cushion on the bottom of the top bed and the one inside the cubby comes out for easy cleaning.

The last thing we’d like to call your attention to is the plush tunnel on the bottom of the tower. What cat can resist that?

Huge cat scratching post With Bed

Customers LOVE this cat tree, scratching post, or maybe it’s a cat tree with scratching post (you decide which it is).

Everyone agrees it’s super sturdy and has plenty of room for for your big cat, or several cats who are on the slightly larger size.

One person reported that four of their foster kittens were happy to squeeze in there, and their two 13 lbs cats have been caught safely snuggling in the top bed with no problem. The center post is plenty tall for your kitties to do their “stretchy scratching”. 

It’s easy to assemble. Customers all seemed happy with their purchase and their cats took to it easily. Just click the image if you’d like to read all the comments and reviews for yourself.

Extra Large Five Story Cat Tree Playground

You really get a lot of cat tree for the money with this kitty playground. We think you’ll agree that it deserves to be in this collection of the best cat tree for large cats in 2020.

It is essentially two cat trees built into something of a kitty city.

All the pieces are well marked and fit together easily so assembly is very straight forward and simple. This is a great example of solid, stable and affordable fun for your cats.

This beauty even comes with Amazon’s “Prime FREE Delivery.

It’s really hard to please everyone in this day and age but this cat tree seems to have managed it. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Click on the image and see for yourself.

Enormous Grey And Black Cat Mansion

Enormous Grey And Black Cat Mansion

This cat tree is super heavy duty, with stability always being a priority for the people making cat furniture at Feandrea.

They use CARB certified particle board in their product, this keeps costs down while still providing at sturdy and stable cat tree for your big kitties.

With all natural sisal rope covering every post and support on this cat tree, it really has no shortage of places for your kitty to stretch and scratch, which are all important to a cat’s well-being at the end of the day!

Two cat condos, multiple levels and a cool ramp to help them get up to the first level of this cat tree, there is not shortage of interesting things for your cat to explore and snuggle in.

It doesn’t wobble and it’s great for large, high climbing kitties who love adventure.

And to top it off, their customer service is A+ amazing.

Only you know your cats specific needs and what will fit into your home but all of the pet furniture on this page is sturdy, strong and durable enough for the largest of your feline friends to enjoy. We sure hope this collection helps you find your very own best cat tree for large cats.

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