A Cat Tree Hamster Wheel?

Learn Skills You Need To Build This

Well folks, if you are looking for a cool cat tree to build I think this one takes the cake!  Yep, it’s a cat tree, hamster wheel and litter box combo!

I know right?  I couldn’t take my eyes off it while I was surfing the web either.

Now if you want to buy this beauty you can do so.  It’s available from this company here in South Korea for around $500 plus shipping.

UPDATE: I found a much more reasonably priced cat exercise wheel and it comes with FREE SHIPPING!


If you’d like to make one instead of buying it, I’m betting you are smart enough to make a cat tree house, kitty wheel or what ever you want to call it, for a fraction of the price they want for it even without factoring in shipping.

Especially with the skills you’ll learn from these wood working plans and tutorials.

Seriously, the more I look at this the more I think not only can you build one like it you can build one MUCH better.

This one only seems to have carpet on the ramp.  Now you could put carpet all over the condo and inside the kitty wheel.  That would give your fur babies better traction for running in there and would make them more comfy up in there little sleeping box.

And if you don’t like carpet you could always use upholstery fabric or quilting.  And if you are a crochet nut like I am you could QUILT BOMB this thing.  Can you imagine that?  Makes my eyes pop just thinking about it.

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Seriously, if you make this I want to see it.  If you make it and Quilt Bomb it the WORLD needs to see it!

Ok, one more thing I want to point out to you before I shut up and stop rhapsodizing about this uber cool cat tree…

Do you see that it’s got a hidey hole for the cat litter box too?  I know I’m gushing but how darn cool is that?  It’s really is an all in one cat tree, condo, gym, litter box, hamster wheel LOL

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We are visiting my parents right now (ok, ok, we are hiding from all the SNOW back up in Michigan where we live) but when I get home my daughter and I will have to find a spot for this and make one.  I’ll post pics when we get it done.  You’ll probably get your cat tree hamster wheel done first so share pictures with us.  Ok?  We’ll share them with here so everyone can benefit from your creative genius!

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